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150 years of Sedus – a review of NEW HORIZONS

On the edge of the Black Forest, close to the High Rhine and deep within nature, Sedus has laid down deep roots. 150 years ago, the basis for one of the leading office furniture manufacturers was created here. Today, the company can look back on an eventful past, a successful present and an exciting future. Always ready to discover new horizons and develop new solutions for the work of tomorrow. To mark this significant anniversary, Sedus organised the NEW HORIZONS online event, covering exciting topics about the company and the question:

How will we work tomorrow?

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Sedus – Attitude. Since 1871

Sedus Haltung seit 1871During the event, the two board members, Daniel Kittner and Cornel Spohn, gave an insight into the inner workings of Sedus. What makes up Sedus’ DNA? And how is the motto “Attitude. Since 1871” reflected in the company structure? Different aspects came to the fore: the validity of tradition and values, the orientation towards digitalisation and the future, and the importance of ecological and social responsibility.

Looking at the work of tomorrow, it very quickly became clear that the world of work is changing rapidly; it has also been drastically influenced by the pandemic. Mobile working has become established and hybrid working models are on the rise. Working structures have also changed. New forms of collaboration have emerged, creative workshops and interdisciplinary teamwork are becoming the norm. The attributes of this working world are flexible, agile and dynamic. And the associated rooms and furniture must also support this. Methods that take up and promote new ways of thinking and idea generation are also paving their way – such as design thinking.


The keynote speakers
Agile coach and neuroscientist Dr. Arndt Pechstein discussed an important topic: Hybrid thinking and future skills. The focus is on the thinking and skills that will be needed in the future. It is about positive guiding principles, motivation through goal setting and the ability to apply knowledge. The trick is to combine analytical-cognitive and intuitive-creative thinking – as a functional, hybrid combination of the future.

Pechstein Sedus review New Horizons
Christian Marc Schmidt, founder and CEO of Schema Design in Seattle, spoke about data visualisation and digitalisation. With his team, he has made it his mission to transform data into tangible insights so that they can be easily further used and evaluated. The digital space is also changing and more and more aspects of life worlds can be represented in data. It is therefore important to design an interface for controlling and making sense of the masses of data. The key question here is: how can the digital and real worlds be meaningfully connected and interact well in the future?

Watch NEW HORIZONS once again, here.

Smart Working with se:connects

The topic of smart working is also linked to the topic of the digital and real world. Where fixed workplaces and rigid structures used to characterise office landscapes, more and more companies are now benefiting from the advantages of the smart working concept. With se:connects, Sedus has developed an intelligent solution for the use and management of workplaces in cooperation with Kapsch. The holistic, digital platform optimally supports the work of tomorrow – Martin Stiebeling (Head of Digital Services) showed how it works.


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