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5 Tips for Choosing Reception Chairs for your Business

Could reception chairs in your waiting room have the potential to boost your company’s success? The reception area is one of the first points of contact with customers, clients, colleagues, and the outside world. Investing in the right reception chairs may be exactly what your business needs. Here are five tips to help you select the most effective reception chairs for your business.

1. Determine your budget

The first thing to think about when choosing reception chairs is how much you can spend. Are you overhauling the entire reception area, or just upgrading the chairs? If you’re designing a reception area from scratch, remember to make all the elements work together. This could include lighting, wall decor, rugs, entertainment, and refreshments. Also, how many chairs will you need? This takes us to our next tip.

2. Estimate the volume of customers

When designing an office reception or waiting room area, roughly estimate how many customers you expect at once. Yes, that may be difficult if you’re just starting a business. If you don’t provide enough individual chairs, customers might feel uncomfortable, unwelcomed, and frustrated. That’s a poor first impression for your business.

It’s important that customers feel at ease with the personal space they’re provided by your reception area. Suppose you expect to have only 1-3 people in the reception area at any given time. Then, you can likely invest a bit more money in larger, high-quality office reception chairs with added comfort.

3. Think about incorporating brand colors and style

Your brand colors and company style are two important parts of customer attraction. Potential clients and customers want to see that you’re a cohesive, well-established company. Use color and shapes to communicate your brand’s style through your furniture. Reception furniture comes in an extensive range of styles. Finding the right fit is easier than ever.

Modular designs are one of the most popular categories of waiting area furniture. These are tailored to arrange flexible workspaces that fit your company. The chairs can be designed to your taste and can be disassembled and assembled to fit your needs. Modular furniture tends to offer modern styling, with clean lines and a simple design.

Consider color theory when choosing reception seating and other design elements. How do you want your guests to feel while waiting? For example, in a waiting room for a medical office, you want the waiting patients to feel reassured and calm. Blues, greens, and pastels help create a sense of security and peace. If your business is more creative, you can add accents of bright colors like reds and oranges. This helps express a fun and bright brand personality.

4. Provide accommodating seating

It’s no secret that clients and customers come in all different shapes and sizes, no matter what industry. Reception areas should have chairs and office furniture that give all customers a comfortable place to wait. Small chairs and flimsy sofas may be the most affordable or stylish option, but not the most welcoming or durable. If you choose chairs exclusively with armrests, will guests of all sizes be able to sit? You might need different styles of chairs to be fully accommodating. Also, consider people with disabilities. Does your reception area have space for someone in a wheelchair or motorized chair to safely wait with other customers?

5. Pay attention to details

Customer services begin right as someone walks through the door of your business. That’s why choosing the right reception chairs or furniture is an essential part of both attracting and retaining valuable customers. But after you choose the right furniture, your next task is to maintain a clean, updated, and clutter-free reception area. Small details like frequent dusting, vacuuming, and even offering refreshments communicate to customers that they matter. This concept applies to every space in your business, whether it’s waiting rooms, meeting rooms, or lounge areas.

The right reception chairs make a difference

The right reception chairs are one of the keys to making a great first impression on customers. Sedus is one of the leading manufacturers of office furniture.

When you consider buying new reception chairs, consider the ergonomic and stylish solutions at Sedus. Check out what they have to offer and choose the right chairs for your office needs.

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