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A Folding Desk: The Office Staple Every Company Needs

The humble folding desk is a jack-of-all-trades in the modern office, but it has been around for a long time. In fact, some believe its origins trace back all the way to ancient Egypt. Some of the most popular patented versions arrived in the 1950s. But why do we still love folding desks so much today?

A folding desk is a perfect solution if you need a dynamic working environment with adaptable furniture. Many modern offices have created hybrid environments with both in-person and remote working. No matter how or where you work, a desktop surface that’s easily set up and moved is valuable.

What is a folding desk?

Well, to put it simply, it’s a desk that folds … but you knew that. Its legs collapse with the help of hinges for storage. A compact folding desk can be helpful for easy movement to the desired spot or packing away in smaller spaces. Regular desks are great for a dedicated home office or if you’re the CEO of the company. They’re ideal for everyday work and consistent use. But many offices would benefit from the adaptability of a much more affordable and practical folding desk.

What to consider when choosing a folding desk

With all the fold-away options out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Here are some of the critical questions to ask and answer when choosing:

Is it small enough to fit folded flat in the desired storage space?

Note the table’s dimensions before you decide — both when it’s set up and folded. Do you have enough space to conveniently and quickly store it when it’s not in use? Measure the storage space and compare it with the dimensions of the folded table. You should also consider whether you need to buy multiple tables. If so, you may need a stacking trolley.

How sturdy do you need the desk to be?

Even the best fold-away desk can be much less sturdy than its stationary counterpart. Fortunately, Sedus makes quality products you can rely on for comfortable working, meeting, and creating, no matter where you are.

What kind of features do you need?

Some of the best folding desks will have features like attractive surface colors, frame colors, gliders, and castors. Wall-mounted folding desks are a great option if you work remotely in a small multipurpose space.

Will you need to buy more things to make it comfortable and ergonomic?

If you’re considering a folding desk simply for its minimal assembly required or cheaper price point, you may be disappointed. An entire workday spent at a folding desk may ultimately prove uncomfortable. It also may not be cost-effective if you have to add expensive products like a desk stand or monitor riser. But if you’re using your folding desk for short periods or separate work tasks, it can be an excellent investment.

Be sure to note the height of the table’s surface and the height of your chair’s seat before you decide. You want to make sure everyone’s legs will fit comfortably under the desk.

How many people will be using the folding desk?

You may plan on using folding desks for presentations, meetings, or group activities. If so, how many people will be using the desk at once? Consider how many total people you expect in attendance. How much space will each person need? Choose the size and number of folding desks accordingly.

What’s your style?

Just like any piece of furniture, folding desks come in different shapes, materials, and sizes. Before you begin shopping, review your company’s corporate style and colors. Imagine you’re trying to make a big impression on a visitor or investor. Wouldn’t it help if the folding table you use during presentations blends cohesively with your office? Will that black metal frame stand out in your modern, all-white office? Will that light-wood finish on the surface clash with your office’s darker wood accents? Choose every feature with intention.

The right folding desk is within reach

Whether you need an affordable folding desk with a simple metal frame or a custom-designed convenient desk, Sedus is your best choice. With state-of-the-art, modern designs, Sedus has some of the best folding desks on the market. Contact a representative to find out how you can transform both large and small spaces with the proper folding desk.

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