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A mindful ecosystem in the workplace

A mindful ecosystem in the workplace is a situation where many individuals live, work and (inter)act together. Everyone has the space they need and there is a pleasant atmosphere. If the workplace ecosystem is harmonious, it promotes the well-being, creativity and productivity of all team members. It creates a space for openness, respect and collaboration.

But how do you create a mindful ecosystem in the workplace?

First of all, a culture and awareness of mindfulness must be created within the company. Only when everyone has a fundamentally shared definition of what a mindful ecosystem in the workplace is can measures be derived from it. Once this definition has been established, it is up to the managers and leaders in the company to set a good example and communicate clearly. In a mindful ecosystem, the needs and feelings of each individual are taken into account. Clear communication channels are created, conflicts are resolved constructively and opportunities for personal growth and development are created. Everyone is encouraged to be aware of themselves and others and to be in the here and now. The term mindfulness originally comes from Buddhism, but is now firmly anchored in Western culture and has mainly shed its spiritual character.

A mindful ecosystem in the workplace has not only a psychological but also a physical component. The workplace must be designed in such a way that there are sufficient opportunities to retreat for concentrated work or breaks, as well as meeting spaces where social interaction can take place undisturbed.

Sedus has set itself the task of zoning offices and creating different working situations with its latest collections. Both the Detox Office concept and the Temptation Office work with the points mentioned above to create a mindful working environment.

Yoga, meditation and breathing exercises are particularly recommended to reduce stress levels both at the workplace and outside of work. A healthy diet and the opportunity to enjoy snacks and drinks in a relaxed manner also promote a sense of well-being in the office. Those who are treated with respect and appreciation at their workplace generally give this back, thereby promoting (team) cohesion and strengthening the corporate culture. If there is a mindful ecosystem in the office, everyone benefits in the end.


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