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A Monitor Caddy: The Upgrade Your Conference Room Needs

If your conference room could use a tech update, you may want to consider a monitor caddy. According to a survey conducted by TeamStage, video conferences increase productivity by 89%. With all that potential to increase the value of your meeting time, you’ll want to update your tech to maximize the time you spend.

Say goodbye to big, mounted flat screens with limited capabilities and say hello to the versatility, mobility, and efficiency afforded by a monitor caddy.

What is a monitor caddy?

A monitor caddy is a piece of media furniture on which you can mount a monitor or screen. It’s an ideal solution for smaller meetings where everyone needs to look at the same monitor. Many modern workspaces are “flex” — not equipped with integrated equipment but built to be multi-purpose. A monitor caddy allows for that kind of flexibility and mobility, whether for home or office use.

What features does a monitor caddy have?

While every brand’s monitor caddy is different, we’ll highlight some of the top features of the Sedus monitor caddy:

  • An integrated grid that enables a flat screen monitor up to 60” can be screw mounted directly onto the monitor caddy. That way, you can reduce the mounting depth of the monitor.
  • A “Netbox M3” triple power socket (optional) in the front panel allows the presentation or conference to be controlled from laptops or media devices on the conference table.
  • All cables are routed within the frame and concealed by the removable back panel.
  • Easy installation of other perfectly-designed equipment integration, such as a camera mount for video conferences and internal organisation elements for cable management and for integrating an extra power socket.
  • A hand switch with a memory function.
  • A 5-metre connection cable (and holder) with clamps on the frame legs for cable adjustment.
  • A discreet shelf for placing a laptop or all your remotes.
  • Wheels for seamless mobility and adjustment to your desired angle. Instead of limiting your meetings to conference rooms or offices, you can use common areas or other spaces as needed.

How should I use a monitor caddy?

A monitor caddy provides a great deal of versatility for how it can be used. One of the top features is mobility. According to that Teamstage survey, 40% of workers waste upwards of 30 minutes searching for a suitable meeting place. A monitor caddy can cut that time down significantly.

Here are some other ways a monitor caddy’s features can be used to streamline and maximize meeting time:

  • Use a monitor caddy to turn any space into a meeting space.
  • Get a more up-close and interactive presentation experience.
  • Conveniently shift and adjust your meeting setup as needed for different activities.
  • Move the monitor further or closer to adjust for meeting size/number of attendees.

Upgrade presentations with a monitor caddy

Are you ready to give efficient presentations in style? Check out the state-of-the-art screen caddy offered by Sedus. Whether you want something more mobile than your wall-mounted flat-screen TV or just need an update, Sedus has you covered. Contact a representative today to find out more.

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