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Building a thriving culture in the new work landscape

The transformation of our working lives continues to offer a unique opportunity to step back and reassess how we work. One facet of the workplace that is just as important as technology but probably less talked about is culture. As well as being inherently a good thing to do for people, the creation of a company culture that serves them and makes them proud of the organisation for which they work makes business sense.

In the new era of agile working and distributed settings, it is culture just as much as technology and shared spaces that links people to their colleagues and the company’s values and allows them to work together towards a common goal.

Culture is one of the foundations of productivity and wellbeing and there are some clears ways we can use to create a working culture that people can be proud of.

Here’s how to cultivate a thriving culture in this new era of flexible work arrangements:

  • Understand Your Culture: Assess your existing culture and how it aligns with employee perceptions. Be open to adapting it to the changing work environment.
  • Meaningful Work Matters: Help employees connect their work to the organization’s bigger purpose. This fosters a sense of pride and reduces stress.
  • Prioritize Well-being: Invest in employee well-being through flexible work options, healthy workspace design, and promoting a healthy work-life balance.
  • Design for Your Values: Embed your company culture into everything you do, from office layout to product design and supply chain practices.
  • Set Clear Goals: Communicate the company’s mission and objectives to create a sense of direction and purpose for all employees. Celebrate collective achievement to maintain positivity.
  • Stay Connected: While technology facilitates remote connection, physical interaction is essential. Explore ways to foster in-person collaboration even in a hybrid work model.
  • Empowerment is Key: Provide employees with autonomy over their work schedules and locations. This fosters trust and allows them to craft their workdays within the company’s cultural framework.

The current situation presents a golden opportunity to experiment with these ideas before returning to the “new normal.” While work culture may evolve, we have the knowledge to build a thriving environment for the age of agility.

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