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Casa Feliz – A place where working makes you happy

Green Living, Urban Jungle, City Gardening; living with plants is enriching and is changing and cultivating entire cities worldwide. Greenery is also having a lasting impact on the world of work. The plant guru Igor Josifovic-Kemper explains why.

Give us a first impression. What three words would you use to describe your home and why? 

Personal, tropical, modern. I think our home has a very personal signature with design elements and art that we have consciously chosen. Tropical, because plants are an elementary part of interior design and there is also a lot of Brazilian design and art in our home. And ultimately modern, because we love to combine contemporary elements and mid-century design.

How do you combine home office and urban jungle in your home? 

My home office is quite green with lots of plants. For me, plants are not only nice to look at, they also inspire me to work creatively and make me more efficient because they clean the air and thus also increase my ability to concentrate.

Blogger Igor in seinem HomeOffice mit Sedus Bürostuhl
Blogger Igor in his home office with Sedus office chair & his vertical plant garden

What makes up your living and working style? Where are the similarities and where are the differences? 

Since my living style is part of my working style, the boundaries are fluid for me. Likewise, my work is always flexible and not necessarily limited to desk work. For me, there is no classic separation between living and working styles, although I have a home office that also serves as a guest room.

How did you manage to integrate your home office harmoniously into your home, into your guest room?

My home office blends harmoniously into my home, as I have deliberately not only focused on a functional home office, but have also designed the room as part of everyday life away from work. It can also be used as a guest room with a sofa bed, and plants add to the cosy feel of the space. I also stayed true to the colour palette of the rest of the flat – so everything remains harmonious and does not stand out as a completely separate home office.

Igor bei einer Kaffeepause in seiner Küche
Igor having a coffee break in his kitchen 

If you had to give your home a name, what would it be?

I call my home “Casa Feliz” on Instagram every now and then. In Portuguese it means “happy home” – and ultimately that is what it is all about: the feeling of being at home, because no matter what the style, you should be happy at home.

Who works here?

Igor Josifovic-Kemper is a freelance content creator, social media consultant and author. Since 2011, he has been writing about interior design, styling projects and indoor plants on his “Happy Interior Blog”. In 2013, he founded the international plant community “Urban Jungle Bloggers” with his colleague Judith de Graaff.

Text -Bernadette Trepte | Photo – Luca Buljevic

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