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Creative feel-good atmosphere – and the office becomes cosy

With #designcodes, the new design magazine for creative office atmospheres from Sedus, we want to present the current colour trends in the world of work. They give us inspiration for an innovative and creative office design.

Feel good: More than just a trend

Well-being is a state that describes a person’s emotional, physical and mental balance. When we are relaxed and content, we can give free rein to our thoughts and ideas. Achieving personal goals and self-realisation also contribute to well-being. This awareness of personal well-being has increased significantly in recent years and is also influencing the world of work.

Companies are therefore increasingly focusing on a healthy working environment and promoting mindfulness exercises and social interaction. This is supported by a sensual and communicative office design that emphasises values such as empathy and emotionality.

Cosy offices promote creativity and productivity

Cosy offices help to increase employee satisfaction, promote creativity and ultimately improve productivity. Innovative ideas only emerge when people connect with each other and combine their skills. Places for spontaneous encounters, cosy meeting rooms or lounge areas create trust and allow scope for new ideas.

After a period in which our contacts were kept to a minimum, many companies have realised that social interaction and well-being in the workplace are crucial for creative processes. Many aspects from the living area are therefore now being transferred to office design to support a harmonious environment.

Office – colour trends 2024

Inviting Office colour trend

In #designcodes, the design magazine for creative office atmospheres, Sedus presents different colour worlds that support the creative feel-good atmosphere in the office and embody the hospitality concept. These can be found, for example, in the “Inviting Office” colour scheme. It stands for a friendly, balanced design language with a positive vibe and encourages dialogue and social interaction.

This atmosphere is created by warm and soft colour tones. Light-coloured woods and dark frames create a contemporary elegance. The warm, expressive yellow colour takes centre stage and is accompanied by delicate lilac and pink tones.

Warm office colour trend

Soft red tones and creamy shades lend the office an inviting and inspiring atmosphere that encourages communication. In combination with natural, muted colour tones it creates a cosy and comfortable room ambience that offers a calm and elegant working atmosphere. Warm wooden elements, an organic design and a pleasant lighting scheme create a shared feel-good area.

Relaxing Office colour trend

Calming, vibrant shades of green promote a mindful design that allows the transitions between inside and outside to flow. Combined with relaxing beige tones, natural materials such as wood and stone and a biophilic design, the natural elements are integrated – creating an honest and nature-loving minimalism. Plants also contribute to the high quality of the space and promote a healthy working environment.

Intimate Office colour trend

Soft powder and beige tones look familiar and are reflected in the pleasantly soft textiles and light-coloured wood with gentle grains. In the “Intimate Office“, deceleration and mindfulness take centre stage. The design is tailored to people’s needs and the restrained colour palette creates a calm and relaxed atmosphere. The result is a protected area that conveys a sense of security and offers space for individual fulfilment.

A sensual and communicative design turns the office into a living space that focuses on the personal and professional needs of employees. Companies that focus on these (colour) trends will not only benefit from happier employees, but will also find innovative and creative solutions for the challenges of the future.

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