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Extensive collaboration and the office of tomorrow

The world of work is changing – again. At a time characterised by a far-reaching pandemic, there is an opportunity to rethink the existing office space. With regard to team-centered activities, interactions and different working modalities, offices can be assigned new properties: They become the centres of creative and social hybrid workplaces and thus enable “extensive collaboration”.


The new edition of the Sedus INSIGHTS trend monitor deals with the different forms of the office of the future. The focus is on extensive collaboration. It is becoming apparent that the future office model will be based on a mixture of virtual and personal spaces. This requires companies to be increasingly resilient, agile and flexible. A physical place should still be available for employees where they can meet, exchange ideas, help shape things and learn from others. The challenges are also becoming more complex – new problem-solving skills, creativity, active learning and a willingness to innovate – are required.


The post-pandemic office becomes the place where the “ cycle of cooperation” is realised . Where there is mutual trust, teams find their place to make and share contacts, to convey ideas and thoughts to the outside world, to develop strategies and to continue learning and thus to create added value for the company.

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