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Finding suitable furniture for the home office

The demands on our home offices are increasing as we find ourselves working more from home. Admittedly, the working environment has to be functional but it should also be a place of well-being. This means making sure there is sufficient space, harmonious furnishing and ergonomic furniture, all of which ensure concentration and productivity.

Ask questions before making any plans

When looking for suitable furniture for the home office, a few basic conditions should first be defined.

  1. How much space is available – a whole room or just a separate area? Is it just a desk and office chair that’s needed or also storage space and other accessories? What other ergonomic, functional and design requirements should I consider?
  2. If a home office is in a separate room, the table, chair and cabinet can have larger dimensions and the arrangement can be arranged more flexibly. If there is only one “work corner,” it must be planned and divided up precisely.

But considerations about use should also be made: is this MY home office or do I share it with someone else?

Furniture for the home office – The Sedus selection

Once you start looking, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the huge selection of furniture available and it can be hard to make a decision. What do I like and what furniture meets my requirements?

Here are four examples from the Sedus portfolio:

on spot cosy Möbel fürs Home-OfficeCosy chair with design appealon spot cosy: The fully upholstered shell chair takes up very little space thanks to its slim design. The seat recess, the bevelled front edge and the backrest with integrated lumbar curve ensure comfortable sitting. With its chic 4-star base, it makes every workstation an eye-catcher.

Drehstuhl für zu Hause Sedus se:airSwivel chair with automatic adjustmentse:air: With its air-permeable mesh membrane for the seat and back, this modern office chair looks light and airy in any work environment. The” Kinetic-Swing” mechanism automatically ensures the correct backrest pressure. As the motto goes, “Just sit down and get started.”

Höhenverstellbarer Schreibtisch HomeofficeErgonomic desk for small officesse:desk home: Whether sitting or standing – the electrically height-adjustable desk follows the user’s working height at the touch of a button. With the additional shelf, se:desk home offers sufficient space despite its compact dimensions.

Praktische Möbel fürs Home-Office SedusChic storage space that integrates easilyse:matrix: This zoning and storage is not only practical, it also functions as a design element. As a shelf and storage unit, it can be individually configured and adapted to any environment.

You can also find more tips on home office furnishing in this blog article: Ergonomics in the home office

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