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How a Training Table Can Benefit Employee Learning

A training table provides a place for employees to take notes, complete activities, conduct research, or take tests during training. Training tables work well as dual-purpose meeting tables. However, they are most suitable for layouts in learning environments.

You may arrange these slender, rectangular, tables in rows for a training room setup, similar to a university lecture. To foster discussion, some trainers like to set them up in a U-shape facing the front of the room. The tables also come in circular or square shapes to create a sense of equality in discussion-based learning.

No matter how you arrange the tables or what technology you use for training, the furniture in training rooms should reflect how you expect employees/trainees to engage with the material, the instructor, and one another.

Why should you consider a training table?

Well-crafted training often leads to increased employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention resulting from professional growth. Further, a training table adds value by inviting trainees to engage with the material presented. In many settings, rows of chairs simply won’t do. Training often involve notetaking, worksheets, online activities, or quizzes. Many training table manufacturers offer versions with power and digital cable features to further accommodate these activities. The more effort and care you put into employee training, the more employees will get out of it.

Different types of training tables

Folding tables

These are one of the most portable options for a meeting room or training room. They’re helpful in a multi-purpose space that’s frequently used for other activities within the company. With these kinds of tables, it’s best if you have a place for storage within the conference or meeting room.

Flip-top tables

These are another excellent hybrid solution for training within a multi-purpose room. They typically have wheels on the bottom. That way, after flipping the top from horizontal to vertical for storage, you can easily roll them to their next location.

Adjustable height training tables

If training is extensive, employees may need table features that make long meetings more comfortable. Adjustable-height training tables can be set up in a stadium-style configuration. This ensures that everyone in the room can clearly see the presenter.

More training room furniture and amenities to consider

You may invite instructors or speakers to train employees in your meeting rooms. In that case, you should consider other amenities that would add value to your space. Not every training room will need the same setup, so consider what is most needed to optimize employee training.

Training room desk

A training room desk may be helpful for presenters who need extra workspace surfaces to get the job done. Training desks are usually very simple and feature a basic work surface with little to no storage. Some training rooms may simply use a laptop cart instead.


Tables are only half of the equation. When tasked with long training sessions or meetings, attendees should have comfortable chairs to minimize distractions. Among the best options for multi-purpose rooms are stackable and folding chairs. These usually have wheels and stack together horizontally or vertically for more efficient storage.


These can provide a space for the lecturer to stand while providing a place for paperwork or other supplies. Traditional lecterns are heavy and wooden, but many modern ones are more adaptive and lightweight.

AV Cart

Mobile audio-visual equipment stands can house things like projectors, laptops and televisions. Due to the technical nature of sharing information with groups, your training room will likely need an AV cart. Choose one with all the necessary hookups so the presenter doesn’t have to scramble for cords and adapters before presenting.


If your training is primarily virtual, microphones built into a training table can help foster clear communication without technical hiccups. They can also be helpful in a multi-purpose space that functions as a conference room or boardroom.


Not all training requires a fancy audio-visual setup. Whiteboards are the most inexpensive way to visualize, brainstorm, and communicate with a group.


When setting up your meeting room, note where the power outlets are. Will employees and instructors be able to access them as needed? If not, consider training tables with incorporated charging stations.

Choosing the right training table for your company

Training tables like the ones offered at Sedus are designed to efficiently help workers become more dynamic and satisfied employees. No matter what style, shape, or size you need, Sedus has the right training table for your company. Check out their award-winning products and resources so you can start maximizing workplace learning and productivity. 

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