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How agile working succeeds thanks to flexible office furniture

Modern offices require modern solutions that enable flexible, agile and spontaneous productivity. With se:lab, Sedus offers an entire product family for agile working, smart working and more.

Agile working means being flexible

Agile working methods enable teams to react quickly to changes and make decisions independently. This offers numerous advantages. The ability to adapt quickly also increases the quality of results and the company is less susceptible to major and rapid changes. This is a real competitive advantage. The concept can also be a real boost for employer branding and employee motivation.

The focus of agile working is always on fulfilling customer expectations. This goal is achieved above all by maximising flexibility – and not least by choosing the right office furniture.

se:lab enables interactive and collaborative working

The functionality of the Sedus se:lab product family is derived from the laboratory context, as here too, issues are analysed, circumstances are researched and solutions are derived. se:lab offers flexible furniture for workshops and mobile equipment elements for spontaneous meetings. Various products, from tables and workshop elements to seating furniture, can be customised and adapted to changing circumstances. These flexible options make interactive and collaborative working easy.

se:lab von Sedus für agiles Arbeiten

Flexibility in design also plays a major role in the se:lab family. The modern, harmonious design language has a high recognition value and yet offers a great deal of design freedom and allows the components to be put together individually.

As the shift towards open spaces with communicative intermediate zones, decentralised work areas and different space options is in full swing, se:lab products can also be operated intuitively and from any location – thanks to their lightweight design and the option of equipping the furniture with castors.

Find out more about the se:lab product family.

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