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How do I find a swivel chair to suit me?

Everyone is different. This means everyone’s working methods and preferences are different. And everyone has their own requirements in the workplace. Whether we work in the office or in a home office, the equipment and environment should be designed so that we can be as productive as possible.

Even though the office chair is “just” a piece of furniture, it is – compared to a cabinet or table – very close to the body. We sit upright or lean back, lean on the armrests or roll around on the castors. It is therefore all the more important that the chair fits our personal circumstances. That’s why it’s worth asking a few questions:

  • Which adjustment options are important to me?
  • Where will the chair be used? Am I a single user or do I share the chair with others?
  • Do i prefer a swivel chair with upholstery or with a membrane?
  • How important is the design aspect for me?

Ergonomics at the computer workstation

Once you’ve found the optimal swivel chair, there are other aspects to consider in order to take full advantage of its comfort. Just a few adjustments can make the workstation even more ergonomic and contribute to workplace optimisation:

– The seat height: this can usually be adjusted using levers on the underside of the seat. It should be adjusted so that the thighs rest completely on the seat and an even distribution of pressure can be felt. The feet should rest completely on the floor.

– The backrest: it should neither push the user forward too much nor allow them to fall too far backward. With a high-quality, ergonomic swivel chair, the backrest pressure can be adjusted; a chair with an automatic system adjusts itself automatically. The manually adjustable lumbar support complements the optimal back support.

– Armrests: resting the arms while working is useful, as it relieves pressure on the shoulder and neck area. Ideally, the forearms should lie flat on the armrests and the elbows should be at a natural angle – the arms should not feel stretched.

Depending on the chair model, further adjustment options are available, such as the seat depth or the neck support. The height of the desk and the setting of the monitor should also be taken into account when optimising the workstation. The height of the desk depends on the angle of the elbows. It should be possible to rest the arms without tensing them. For viewing distance to the monitor, the head should be in an upright, natural position and the monitor distance should be adapted for eyesight comfort.

My swivel chair, the wish-fulfiller

At last year’s Orgatec, Sedus presented a swivel chair that takes a special approach. The new se:kit functions according to a modular system and focuses on comfort. The decision is up to the user: what should my office chair look like and what features should it have?

There are six backrest variants, three mechanism options, two seat upholstery variants, six armrest options and three base frames. In addition, there is a wide choice of different fabric and membrane colours. Always included: ergonomic seating with the best comfort, design and aesthetics. se:kit – make it yours.

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