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How the hotelisation of the workplace is influencing workplace design

The hotelisation of the workplace goes beyond the immediate response to the pandemic. In the post-pandemic era, the office must become a place with a clear purpose. The integration of home comforts into office space, also known as “the hotelisation” of office space, is a response to the changing needs of the workforce that have emerged during the home office period.

sedus se:living von vielen Arbeitnehmern benutzt

A key aspect of this approach is the adoption of amenities that we are used to in the home environment. These include relaxed dress codes, plants and soft furnishings. Hotel and hospitality design creates a luxurious atmosphere that reminds us of the comforts of home. It creates a sense of ‘escape’ and freedom that is particularly targeted at millennials, who are expected to make up 75% of the workforce by 2025.

However, the impact of this approach goes beyond mere convenience. Not only are people brought together for collaborative purposes, but there is also a sense of pride in being able to work in this community or for this employer.

The “hotelisation” of the workplace thus not only provides a practical solution for flexible working models, but also creates an environment that emphasises positive emotions and strong community support. This approach is not only a response to the new demands of the world of work, but also a proactive shaping of the future of office environments to meet the changing needs of workers. This fusion of home comfort and modern workplace design is the key component to creating inspiring, flexible and collaborative workspaces.

Sedus has developed a whole range of products, such as se:living, to meet these requirements. The sofa and matching tables ensure lightness and creativity and bring a homely feel to the working environment. The comfortable upholstery promises comfort in every situation. A plant tray can be added to the sofa for extra hospitality.

sedus se:living șofa in Orange

se:lounge light is also a product that fits perfectly into the hotelisation concept. Whether in a shared office or at home, in a co-working space or in the cafeteria, there are many different possibilities for the shell armchair with its homely look. Wherever working environments are transformed into feel-good areas, se:lounge light comes into play.

Frau auf se:lounge light in Loungehöhe neben Tisch

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