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How to work from anywhere – off on workation (with interview)

“Work” plus “Vacation” equals “Workation” – so does that mean working on vacation? No, it means working where others, or you, might normally go on vacation. The idea behind it: A change of location that provides variety and offers a new productivity boost.

Working in the place of your choice

Although people still like to use the office as a central location and meeting place, ways of working, such as hybrid or mobile working have become just as established in recent years and it is hard to imagine life without them. Workation – mobile working from a vacation location, so to speak – has become increasingly popular and can be seen in a wide variety of forms. However, it is important to note that the focus is just as much on work as on time to relax.

Whether in a luxury hotel, a vacation apartment, a remote cabin, in a camper van or in a tent – the where and how can be designed quite flexibly. Only electricity, a stable internet connection and other important work equipment must be available. And where some see the advantages, for others the disadvantages outweigh the benefits. It’s up to each individual to decide whether it suits his or her lifestyle and work style – especially since both the environment and the conditions have to be right.

Being on the road – for leisure and for Workation

Workation is multifaceted and can look different depending on your preferences and conditions. Caravans and campers are popular means of travel. Thomas Kamm is Head of Marketing at Fendt Caravan and provides some insights into these travel and leisure trends:

Location-independent or mobile working is becoming increasingly popular – to what extent is this making itself felt in the caravan sector?

For the first time, two special concept caravans from Fendt-Caravan will be presented at the Caravan Salon 2023 in Düsseldorf to determine what the market and special target groups expect or would like to have in the future. Because we already know one thing: demands have changed – in the working world and in our leisure behaviour. With Fendt-Caravan we make work an adventure, we call it “adfendture”. The biggest innovation is the topic itself: connecting work and life together in a caravan. Something that has not yet been implemented. We want to show that many things are possible, but nothing is enforced. With 16 partners, most of whom operate outside our industry, and with their special products, we are demonstrating an optimal symbiosis between the world of work and leisure. And this is all possible to achieve, no matter where I am. We are also pleased that we have been able to win Sedus as a partner here for the best possible ergonomic seating.

How have the demands on caravans and a “mobile vacation” changed (also during and after the Corona era)?

The Corona era meant that many more people became interested in camping and then discovered it as their new form of vacation. A recreational vehicle continues to offer the best possible individualisation of one’s own vacation. The demands for self-sufficiency, like having your own shower on board, battery and solar panels, etc. has increased exponentially in the last few months.

A suitable vehicle is one, the equipment and mechanism the other. What do caravan fans value when they are on the road? What are the must-haves?

A recreational vehicle has always offered users the luxury of taking their own environment with them and vacationing where they want, but always having their own exclusive living environment with them. The desire for even more comfort in the form of improved sleeping comfort, air conditioning, manoeuvring systems, connectivity in the form of “Smart Caravan”, internet connections and even more independence, through solar panels or improved self-sufficiency, is the trend.


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