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klaus haare – An oasis of calm in the middle of the urban jungle

From the outside, you would not think that such a pearl of hairdressing was hiding behind the shabby façade of this old building in Cologne’s Rathenauviertel district. Across approximately 60 square metres, master hairdresser Stephan Klaus Dietzsch has created an oasis of peace, relaxation and enjoyment. In his very own salon “klaus haare” he takes “washing, cutting, blow-drying” to a new level for his customers every day. Stephan explains in an interview what he particularly values in his salon.

The salon’s interior is unique. The mix of vintage items, design pieces and functional furniture is what gives klaus haare its special flair.


Give us a first impression: What three words would you use to describe your salon?

Personal, individual and reduced to the essentials. I want my salon to be a kind of retreat for my clients in the middle of the urban jungle. When designing the salon, I made sure that I created an atmospheric basis with a harmonious colour scheme, that I did not overload the space with furniture and decorative elements, and that I did not overload the eye. Outside, in front of the door, there is hustle and bustle and abundance. In my shop, I want my guests to arrive, relax and simply let themselves be pampered.

What do you do differently from a traditional hair salon?

I have re-thought the concept of “wash, cut, blow-dry”. There is no assembly-line processing here. Customers get my full attention. Their wishes and needs are always my main focus. That is why I schedule my appointments in such a way that I do not attend to two clients at the same time, even though that would be possible and certainly the most efficient or economical. There is a lot of traffic around Rathenauplatz, where my salon is located. The noise from shops, restaurants and cafés can be heard everywhere and I have tried to create a counterpoint for my clients. I want to invite them to relax and be soothed right when they enter the shop through the clear, reduced, uncluttered design of my salon. My wish is that after their visit they not only leave the shop happy with a new hairstyle, but they have also taken the time to briefly recover from the stresses of everyday life.

What was important in choosing the furnishings to fit your concept?

The salon is located in an old building in Cologne – unfortunately there are not too many of those left. The architecture, with its high ceilings, exposed beams and large windows already created a certain atmosphere that I could use for the vision of my salon. When I chose the furniture, I emphasised a mix of vintage and new. My dressing chair, for example, is an old barber chair, which is not only very comfortable, but also gives the salon a great flair in combination with the vintage pieces. I specifically looked for pieces of furniture that are practical and functional, which complement the look and feel of the classics and form a harmonious whole with them. The salon should radiate calm, but also have a stimulating effect. I think I succeeded quite well.

You just told us that the sofa is new. What was in its place before?

That is right. The upholstered sofa is new. Before the se:lab sofa, there was a vintage bench with a woven seat here. It was beautiful, but not very comfortable. I have always wanted a sofa that was stylish, flexible and comfortable. And that is what I finally found recently.

After entering the salon, customers take a seat on the se:lab sofa. The comfortable model sweetens any waiting time.

What do your customers say about it?

It was clear that the sofa would leave a positive impression. They love it and now even look forward to the occasional wait!

While your customers sit comfortably in your office, you work a lot standing up. How does that affect you?

I work about 50 % standing and 50 % sitting. I have a height-adjustable stool that supports me in my work. On long days with up to eight clients, the job is quite physically demanding. That is why it is so important for me to balance out my working and private life by jogging and spending time in the fresh air.

Stephan uses a height-adjustable stool for his work. The all-rounder provides relief on long working days.

One last question: If you had not become a hairdresser, what would you have done?

For me, there was no real alternative. I love the craft. But since you want an answer, I would probably say carpenter. In that profession, just like in hairdressing, you work with your head, your heart and your hands.

Who works here?

Stephan Klaus Dietzsch has been working as a hairdresser for over 23 years. He opened his own salon at Beethovenstraße 14 in Cologne’s trendy Rathenauplatz district about 14 years ago. Find him on Instagram at @favouritecolourz

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