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More than numbers and dimensions – the Type A office chair standard

People are different – just as diverse in their appearance as they are in their preferences and talents. And the world of work is also subject to constant change, so that the most diverse forms of work have found their way into everyday life. Office furniture, and office chairs in particular, have become indispensable. The classic swivel chair is a work partner that is very close to our bodies and we sit on for many hours of the day. So the question arises: How can an office chair fit as many people as possible when body shapes and proportions are so different?

The answer lies in the design and detail. An office chair convinces with its ergonomic functions when it can be individually adjusted, along with the right dimensions and adjustment ranges that this allows. Products that allow this diversity in adjustment have enormous advantages. So, why are dimensions and standards also important?

Ergonomic: Products that support the ergonomic posture of different users are essential for healthy work.
Technical: Products that are technically up to date can cope with the tasks put upon them.
Qualitative: Measures ensure that the product and the tested standard are officially approved, safe and trustworthy.

Infobox: Knowledge of current standards

In order for an office chair to receive a GS-certificate, various standards must be met. One of them is DIN EN:1335-1, which focuses on the dimensional requirements for an ergonomic office swivel chair in the work environment. This standard specifies adjustment ranges and ensures a uniform measurement procedure. Until 2019, however, this measurement procedure was not uniform internationally, but only on a country-by-country basis. DIN EN:1335-1 categorises office chairs into types A, B and C, which gives an indication of the ergonomics of the respective chair. This “old standard” dates from 2002 and has been revised for 2020. The transition period during which both standards are valid ends in June 2023.

This is what will change with DIN EN 1335:2020 Type A

With the adaptation of the “Type A standard”, measurement methods and some specifications have been adapted. The type division remains basically unchanged, but different measurement figures apply. Here are the most important changes at a glance:

  • The seat height is now measured at the front edge of the seat: For Type A, the adjustment range is now 130 mm, which is 10 mm greater.
  • The rear reference point for the seat depth is in the area of the pelvic contact and no longer in the lumbar support point. This increases the seat depth and the adjustment range to 70 mm.
  • The distance between the front edge of the armrest and the front edge of the seat has been redefined – it is now measured from the backrest to the front edge of the armrest.
  • The clear distance between the armrests has been increased to allow more buttock clearance. To achieve this, the armrests must be width-adjustable in the range 410-510 mm.
  • The height of the armrests is also being redefined: 290 mm must be achieved as the top dimension with a minimum adjustment range of 100 mm.

Only at Sedus: Type A office chairs

The advantages of these new dimensions are obvious: the adjustment ranges mean that a Type A office chair can fit many people of different statures and can be individually adjusted to suit the user. There is also a sustainable aspect: a product that enables diversity does not need to be frequently replaced. At Sedus, there are several office chairs that meet the new Type A standard. Here is an overview:

black dot – the Sedus office chair classic
se:flex – the office swivel chair for interchangeable workstations
mr. 24 – the 24-hour chair for long working hours
se:kit – the modular office chair

By adapting its products, Sedus is setting new standards and further consolidating its position as a leading European manufacturer. The contemporary concepts and compliance with current standards are proof of ergonomics, technology, quality and innovation. Sedus – always on the pulse of time and a pioneer in the market.

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