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NEW WORK at Sedus

“New Work” is the buzzword in the current working environment. For quite some time now, we have all been working in a new, modern and agile way. In fact, the term “New Work” was coined by Austrian philosopher Frithjof Bergmann back in the 1970s. To this day, various approaches and interpretations have evolved from it.

How can “New Work” be described?

In the office furniture industry, the term “New Work” is currently on everyone’s lips. The focus is on a modern work philosophy, the transformation of the working world and the accompanying changes in terms of flexibility, self-determination and the needs of the individual.

NEW WORK at Sedus

At Sedus, too, our working philosophy and the way in which work is practiced are subject to various influences and designs. First and foremost is our motto “We Really Care.” To this end, “New Work” at Sedus can be divided into five aspects:

  • NEW WORK is a holistic approach – it’s all about people.
  • NEW WORK requires an environment that fosters talent and enables a culture of openness and trust. Focusing on people and supporting employees are essential values for the company’s success. Value is created through appreciation.
  • NEW WORK means freedom of choice as well as activity-based work furnishing solutions. Spaces and facilities which are designed to meet the needs of users ergonomically, aesthetically and functionally have enormous advantages. These range from concentration workstations to communication workstations, collaboration workstations and relaxation workstations. The right solution for every situation.
  • NEW WORK is intelligent and digital. As a full-service provider for working environments, digital solutions are also part of the repertoire. Modern technologies and smart tools, such as intelligent management systems, enable optimal use of the available space.
  • NEW WORK offers freedom – agility is in demand. The place of work and also the space used for working has changed and expanded. Self-determination and organisation are emphasised – in mobile working at home or in workshops. The decisive factor is a set-up that adapts to the circumstances and supports the path to the best possible result.
  • NEW WORK means sharing knowledge. Efficient communication and regular knowledge transfer play a key role in helping people learn with and from each other, as well as grow together. Sedus is committed to sharing and conveying knowledge in order to be able to design the working environments of today and tomorrow in a people- and user-oriented way that is fit for the future.

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