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Office Lounge Chair: Encouraging Wellness and Building Community

An office lounge chair isn’t just a convenience. It can be a powerful tool for building your office culture — a critical ally in today’s workplace climate. According to a survey conducted by WildGoose in 2021, almost a third (30%) of those surveyed say they want a space to eat, socialise, and spend time with colleagues at work. Let’s look at how the right office lounge chairs can help improve your office’s culture, community, and overall wellness.

Why should you choose an office lounge chair?

It helps encourage health, balance, and relaxation

Too much sitting in one place can have serious health effects in the short term and long term. Stagnation can affect your entire body — eyes, neck, hips, legs, and back especially. An office lounge with ergonomic lounge chairs can provide a much-needed respite from the strains of sedentary office work. A change of scenery on a short break is also great for relaxation, productivity, and morale.

Encourages socialization

Many of us know the struggles of building a workplace community when it comes to remote work. There’s definitely some merit in the value of face-to-face colleague relationships. A laugh over coffee or a powerful chat in communal meeting spaces with comfy seating can go a long way. Don’t forget to provide some snacks in your office lounge, too!

Adds flexibility

Since many workers switched to remote in 2020, lots of companies have had trouble getting employees back into the office. A common area with a great selection of office lounge chairs can help add flexibility to the workplace. Whether it’s a wing chair for added privacy or an ergonomic couch, variety can be great for versatile work styles. It also may help those workers who need a change of scenery every once in a while.

Increases attractiveness

For the most part, offices filled with identical cubicles are relics of the past. We’ve entered an age of dynamic seating solutions and flex office spaces. A well-designed office lounge will have a great flow and atmosphere. But it will also have modern office furniture like lounge seating to add an aesthetic touch. Choose colours and materials that reflect your brand’s style. Consider what a lounge chair will communicate to workers, customers, clients, and visitors.

What to look for in an office lounge chair

  • Style. Everything about your office space should reflect your brand and its message. Are you a young, sleek, modern company with modern office lounge chairs? Are you a family-friendly office with lots of comfy seating for potential visitors of all kinds?
  • Colour. When establishing a brand or logo, someone likely spent lots of time weighing which colours best suit your messaging. Your brand’s colours must represent the target audience’s emotional associations and desires. This concept reaches even further into the spaces primarily occupied by employees. How you want them to feel in those spaces. Keep that in mind as you choose the colours for your office lounge furniture.
  • Price. Every company has a budget that includes in-office expenses like furniture. Office lounge furniture, chosen wisely, can give a great return on your investment. This is especially true if it creates a space where employees can relax, recharge, and socialize.
  • Durability. Some of the most stylish and affordable furniture isn’t necessarily built to last. If you want employees to spend time in the common areas, consider how well-made the furniture is. What kind of wear and tear will a piece of furniture in a shared space go through? How comfortable will a variety of individuals feel using the chairs?
  • Ergonomics. If employees spend any time engaging with a piece of office furniture, it should positively affect their musculoskeletal health. Their backs, necks, legs, and arms should be adequately supported. In a broader sense, an office lounge itself is an ergonomic concept. It provides space for dynamic (vs. sedentary) working and encourages movement throughout the day.

Which furniture will you choose for your space?

Are you ready to look at a full range of stylish, ergonomic options and choose the perfect office lounge chair? Sedus has the right chair to make your office common area a comfortable and enjoyable space. Contact a representative today to find the furniture solution for your company.

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