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Part 2 of our interview with designer Robin Rizzini

Robin Rizzini has taken up the theme of “soft seating” in a working context. For Sedus, he has designed the new se:living sofa. In part 2 of our interview, he offers an insight behind the scenes of his creation.

You recently designed the se:living sofa for Sedus. This is the first step into the soft seating market for the company. What design elements did you consider in your draft to make the product suitable for the office?

Being the first sofa seating system for Sedus and considering the highly technical heritage of the company, I thought it was a good idea to try and keep a balance between a well-proportioned and comfortable product with the addition of “active” elements like, for instance, connected tables. And with the addition of tables between seats, corner tables and freestanding tables, there is a complete range of surfaces which can be used with the system. Choose your space – from a simple informal meeting to group work or more engaging activities, either in a private office, a public area, a lounge area or a cafeteria.

The new se:living sofa system with corner and add-on tables

The system is made up of elements that are all suitable for a contemporary office environment with the added value of introducing double-depth seating for a more informal way to meet and seat, asymmetric armchairs or angled modules for more intimate remote conversations. All models can be equipped with electric and USB connectors.

se:living incorporates USB connectors for ease of use


And a final personal question: What is the best way for you to relax after a long day at work? Maybe on the sofa?

Funnily enough, life brought me to a small apartment in Milan where I lived for a very long time without a sofa. Also, I do not have a television so I never had that urge to sit down and switch on the big screen. What I know is that my ideal sofa would have a lot of space, connectivity facilities and a few small surfaces around to put books, magazines, technology and drinks. My relaxation time is not always the same but I often think about a me-only time with a nice glass of wine and some late-night sketching or reading. Possibly on a terrace overlooking the Ligurian sea!

Tell us more…

Robin Rizzini was born in Genoa and has Italian-British roots. He completed his studies at the Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan, where he has also been teaching Furniture Design in the master’s programme. In 2006 Robin Rizzini founded his own design office and three years later he co-founded the studio Metrica. Robin Rizzini has been an independent designer since 2018.

Text – Johanna Soika | Illustrations – Robin Rizzini

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