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Protection in the workplace

Sometimes special circumstances require special measures. The Coronavirus and its effects influence our everyday life when shopping, in our leisure time and also at work. Personal protection in the workplace and the protection of colleagues have taken on an important role during this time.

The screen extension – Aerosol hygiene protection

In order to provide additional screening for employees in open-plan offices and at double workstations, there is now an add-on element for the se:wall privacy screen. The Aerosol Hygiene Screen is made of Plexiglas and can be easily attached to desks where se:wall is already installed. This allows particles to be retained and provides additional protection in the workplace. Visually, the design is unobtrusive and simple – providing shielding without creating a feeling of total isolation.

The attachment element for se:wall at a glance:

  • Easy to retrofit to se:wall
  • Stable and tilt resistant protection
  • Plexiglas version is easy to clean and disinfect
  • Transparent design blends inconspicuously into the surroundings

Aerosol-Schutz Hygieneschutz

With the new Plexiglas pane for se:wall, the family of privacy protection elements has been expanded – protect your employees at their workplace.

The flexible hygiene protection

Transparent protection for every situation: with the flexible hygiene protection, shielding is possible at every workplace and in every conference room. The transparent element made of Plexiglas is placed in stands that also serve as a tray, for pens or your smartphone. As no drilling or screwing is required, the hygiene protection can be flexibly positioned on tables, cabinets and reception counters, and can also be retrofitted. Thanks to the anti-slip surface, it is always stable – even when cleaning.

The flexible element at a glance:

  • Freely positionable Plexiglas protection for workplaces, conference rooms and reception areas
  • Easy to set up without screws and drilling
  • Transparent design that is easy to clean
  • Different sizes possible
  • Anti-slip stand also serves as a useful tray

Schutz am Arbeitsplatz

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