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se:air – a light and convincing design

The more hybrid, agile and individual work becomes, the more dynamic and uncomplicated the office swivel chair should be – no matter where the work is done. In open spaces, in individual offices and in the home office, light and filigree design is more in demand than ever. That’s why lightness at the workplace now has a new name: se:air

“With se:air, we are introducing to the market the first office chair completely covered with a membrane,” explains Ernst Holzapfel, Head of Marketing at Sedus Stoll AG. “se:air is an office chair for real design lovers. The organic design language appears light and dynamic. At the same time, the chair make a real impression with its intelligent design and customised membrane, which provides optimum support and at the same time clings to the user’s body like a glove.”

Mechanics, for minimalists

The name already reveals what kind of sitting experience the user can expect: plenty of freedom of movement, ergonomic sitting and full, breathable comfort. The new se:air combines a timeless design language with the most important ergonomic aspects. The patented “Kinetic-Swing” mechanism automatically detects the user’s weight without them having to think about it or adjust anything themselves. The seat height and the multifunctional armrests can be adjusted manually for this purpose. The principle of se:air is simple: sit down and get started.

The high-quality membranes for se:air have different degrees of hardness on the backrest and seat. Heat build-up at pressure points and slipping around on the seat are thus easily avoided. Without visible seams, the membrane is tightened in the frame and therefore offers optimal support. The membrane covering for the seat and backrest ensures lightness and comfortable sitting. The multifunctional armrests are also height-adjustable, including a sliding pad with floating effect. The optional lumbar support strengthens the lower back and ensures ergonomic sitting.

Sustainable, durable, modern

se:air is not only visually impressive, but also offers sustainable aspects. The black frame material has an added recyclate component. In addition, the membrane, which is knitted to fit precisely, is also tear-resistant, hard-wearing and “Made in Germany”. The functional armrests, the five-legged base and the optional lumbar support round off the swivel chair with an attractive design.

Do you want to experience the completely membrane-covered se:air swivel chair for yourself? Come and visit the Sedus stand at Orgatec in Cologne this October! For more info, click HERE.

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