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se:cube office cube systems opens new possibilities

Specialising in furnishings for trend-setting office concepts, Sedus is building on its recognised expertise with the introduction of the se:cube office cube system. With its strong focus on functionality and well-designed technology, the se:cube opens new possibilities in office work.

Open-plan offices remain on-trend, but continue to be met by a less-than-enthusiastic response from the people who work in them. Employees primarily complain about the acoustic limitations and lack of privacy. The new Sedus office cubes offer a professional and effective remedy. Available in S, M, and L sizes, the cubes provide the perfect environment for informal and formal meetings, focused work, and simply a moment of relaxation.

Their clever dimensions mean they are easy to integrate into existing office landscapes, with sufficient space for movement and interaction to support brainstorming, training, and other activities. Unusually, the se:cube design also incorporates spaces to place laptops, writing pads, and pens. Even the inner walls are designed to be used as vertical, writeable surfaces.

The wide range of optional equipment configurations ensures you can meet every need. These concepts are designed for all conceivable scenarios and are based around integrated furnishings from the extensive Sedus portfolio. Everything from state-of-the-art communication methods to professional video technology has been carefully integrated right from the start. Even the ventilation and lighting are fully automated.

But there is another feature that will especially delight office planners and facility managers: all of the cubes, including L-size (2.5 x 2.5 m), can be set up, dismantled or moved in record time when they are needed elsewhere.

There is perhaps no environment more ideally suited to presenting this product than Orgatec. Eight furnished se:cubes of different sizes promise to impress with their unique dimensions and acoustic qualities under the extreme test conditions found at the company’s stand at Orgatec 2018.

Design: Falk Blümler (Sedus Design Team)

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