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se:desk home – Sedus desk certified for the living area

Officially tested and found to be safe – the se:desk home work table has received the TÜV Rhineland/LGA certification “Sit-stand desk for living areas” as the first electric motor height-adjustable table.

Sedus Schreibtisch zertifiziert

What is special about the certification for se:desk home?

A completely new set of tests were developed for furniture in the living area, as desks have previously been tested and certified primarily for offices. In addition to the usual safety-relevant aspects, the new test also focused on special safety for children. The desk, with its electromotive height adjustment, has met with stricter requirements and is now certified for home office use. The movement of the table is secured via a special key combination on the hand switch. This gives the user the option of deciding whether and when the table should be “locked”.

A safe and ergonomic desk for the home office

se:desk home convinces with several attributes: its high-quality technology and intuitive height adjustment promote the important change of posture in the workplace. This makes it easy to work while sitting or standing. Thanks to its compact dimensions and homely character, se:desk home fits perfectly into the home office. An ergonomic workstation is particularly important for VDU work; for this purpose, the desk can be combined well with a high-quality swivel chair or standing stool.

Schreibtisch se:desk home zertifiziert TÜV

Working productively and ergonomically

The right desk in the home office also means setting up and using the furniture correctly. Here are three important questions to consider:

What desk height should I set for my own height?

A distinction is made between sitting and standing activities. When sitting, the height of the desk depends on the setting of the office chair and the seat height. When standing, the desk height depends on the upright posture and the angle of the arms. It is important that the forearms can rest comfortably on the desk surface and the elbow should be at a right angle.

What is the ideal position for a desk in an office or home office?

It is important to have a good surface for the desk and sufficient space. If you regularly use a computer, mobile phone or headset, you need a power supply nearby and a stable internet connection. Sufficient light – through windows or lamps – is also important to make the desk a place of well-being. 

How do I sit properly at my desk?

There are various aspects to consider for the correct posture when sitting on a swivel chair. In addition to seat height, backrest pressure and the appropriate height of the armrests, the lordosis of the backrest can often be adjusted individually. To be able to work at a computer screen in a relaxed manner, it is also important to place the monitor at a correct distance.

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