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Sedus Future Proof – solutions for the office of the future

There can’t be many issues that take up more of the time and energy of entrepreneurs than how to manage their knowledge and creative processes. While the manufacturing sector may have committed itself to automating its systems some time ago, the situation with office based work is less clear. Ground-breaking ideas such as ‘Office 4.0’ crop up faddishly in the media, then vanish as they are subject to closer inspection or stick around long enough to become misunderstood. None of this helps anybody.

Yet the underlying challenge is perfectly easy to understand. The competitiveness of organisations depends on harnessing the ideas and potential of employees. It springs from the minds of people and only then can it be channelled by digital processes. Ultimately, competitive advantage stems from the application of creativity, communication, speed and efficiency.

So, people and their knowledge and ideas are the most precious commodities at the company’s disposal. The historic shift from manual to knowledge work and the transformation of the workplace it created is one of the most important challenges facing people and organisations today.

The core challenge is how to retain and attract the best people, to allow people of different generations to work together, to combine analogue and digital sources of knowledge and to create collaborative, learning environments that unleash creative potential. The aim here is to create ergonomically ideal workspace, to encourage people to work while sitting or standing, and to introduce space concepts that have a positive impact on wellbeing and collaboration.


These kinds of workplace have traditionally been associated with the creative industries, but they are now mainstream across all sectors. In the war for talent, one of the most important weapons at our disposal is not just brand, but an attractive workplace.

As a pioneer in both technology and workplace design, Sedus is fully engaged with the office of the future, thanks to its extensive experience and research, especially in the fields of knowledge work and learning environments.

Holger Jahnke, Marketing and Sales Director said: “We work closely with trend researchers, who also draw insights from related disciplines such as teaching, neuroscience, psychology, experimental research, communications, architecture and design. To this end, we analyse numerous studies, which are carried out regionally, nationally and globally. We publish the results in a bundled and comprehensible form in our freely accessible publication Sedus INSIGHTS. ”

Sedus products are developed in the company’s own research and development centre, which attracts experts from the fields of workplace design, ergonomics and wellbeing to create its most innovative solutions. Holger Jahnke: “For a workplace to be future proof, it should be responsive to changing needs and activities, and must offer users the freedom to choose where and how to work. Our flexible and intelligent workplaces address this issue directly, offering the perfect environment for private work, communication, collaboration and relaxation. The modular design of Sedus tables, workstations and storage systems allows them to adapt quickly to changing requirements. Together with our intuitive, user-friendly task seating, it is possible to create ergonomic, productive solutions that are ideally suited to fast moving environments.”

Sedus Future Proof provides guidance and support for decision makers

Holger Jahnke: “Sedus is today one of the leading international providers in the office furniture industry. The Sedus brand is synonymous with innovation, technology and aesthetics, and enriches the living world of the office with new product ideas and contemporary ideas. Anyone who works with Sedus products enjoys the sort of high quality furniture associated with “Made in Germany”. Sedus is an international brand, active in more than 50 countries worldwide. We understand market developments and help companies make future-proof investments.

This is based on an analysis of work styles and methods, as well as an understanding of the identity and goals of each individual organisation. This is supported by tailored workplace solutions which include a full package of benefits including after-sale service and product guarantees.

We call this the “Sedus Future Proof” package, which means a combination of consulting services and durable, adaptable products which offers organisations not only a solution for today but also one that allows them to face the future with confidence.


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