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Sedus is a main sponsor at “Surge for Water” gala

Water is the source of life and is a basic need everyday. Sedus has been supporting the Surge for Water initiative for over three years. It is a non-profit organisation founded by women for women. With their vision, commitment and major projects, they ensure that poor communities also have access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene. The focus is on the countries of Haiti, Uganda, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Gala for a good cause

Every December, Surge for Water sends out invitations to an inspiring gala under the motto “Design, Dine, make a Difference.” The event is partly to showcase Surge’s work, but in another way, creation and design on the theme of cultural heritage and sustainability are given space. This year, Sedus was a main sponsor for the first time.

For the design competition, 12 designers competed in an exciting contest for the best creation on the theme of “Heritage”. This called for design pieces that pay tribute to an ancient art or architectural form and thus pay homage to cultural heritage.

The winner of the competition announced last week was Bluehaus Group. Their DROP stool is a functional design made from recycled plastics and discarded fabrics. The body of the stool can function as a piece of furniture as well as a water container or storage for toys, books etc. The “DROP” combines harmonious aesthetics with added value for everyday life.

Together for a better world

Just as Surge for Water is committed to providing access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene, Sedus is also committed to the mission “We really care”. Joelle Nader, Managing Director of Sedus Dubai, says aptly: “This work is absolutely worth supporting. We quickly realised that Sedus and Surge for Water have a lot in common when it comes to improving the world we live in. We have a common mission, which is to take care of people.”

Sedus is owned by two foundations that aim to maintain corporate independence. They pursue charitable and philanthropic purposes. The Stoll VITA Foundation was established in 1985 and pursues the promotion of scientific research, public health care and education. It also focuses on animal and plant breeding, environmental protection, nature conservation and landscape preservation. The Karl Bröcker Foundation cares for children and young people. It mainly supports educational projects as well as medical and therapeutic projects and facilities.

All photos are by C.S VISUALS

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