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Sedus: Surge for Water – most successful event to date

For the 10th year running, the motto was “Design, Dine, make a Difference.” The Surge for Water Gala was not only sold out, but also a record-breaker – it was the most successful event ever!

Every December, Surge for Water organises a gala in Dubai to raise awareness for the incredibly important and life-saving issue of clean and safe water.

Surge for Water Gala

With the support of Surge for Water, tens of thousands of people have access to safe water, sanitation and hygienic health solutions. As a result, children and women no longer have to walk long distances in search of water. Instead, they can concentrate on getting an education, starting a business and providing for their families. This means that entire communities can change and develop for the better.

Ernst Holzapfel bei surge for water Gala

Sedus sponsored the “Design, Dine, make a Difference” gala for the 4th time, not only to emphasise the importance of this project, but also to give regional design studios and architecture firms a platform to present their ideas of sustainable design at the design competition. Over 500 interested people took part in the event.

The Common Goal

Surge for Water and Sedus have a shared mission, which is to make life easier for disadvantaged people and give something back to the community. We really care is the guiding principle in Sedus corporate culture and is reflected in the two foundations. These foundations pursue charitable and philanthropic goals.

Sedus se:air bei surge for water gala

The Stoll VITA Foundation focuses on promoting scientific research, public healthcare, education, animal and plant breeding, environmental protection, nature conservation and landscape conservation. The Karl Bröcker Foundation primarily supports educational projects as well as medical and therapeutic projects/facilities for children in Germany and abroad. Two thirds of all profits generated by Sedus flow into the foundations and are earmarked exclusively for charitable purposes.

Speaker bei surge for water

In his talk, Ernst Holzapfel, Head of Marketing at Sedus, illustrated the common goal of Surge for Water and Sedus to make a strong contribution to society with inspiring examples from the foundations. For example, a Karl Bröcker Foundation project in which a book was developed in collaboration with architects to enable blind children to learn and experience colours.

Design Dine Make a Differenz Gala in Dubai

Together with Surge for Water, Sedus is pleased to be able to improve the lives of many people under the motto “We really care.”

Photo Credit: Photographs Courtesy: Chandan Sojitra

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