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se:flair – a masterpiece of seating for the office and home

In an ever-changing world of work characterised by hybrid solutions and flexible working models, Sedus proudly presents the newest member of its product family: the se:flair swivel chair. This innovative piece of furniture was created to meet the ever-changing requirements, needs and wishes of the workforce – whether in the office, conference room or home office.

se:flair ist ein ergonomisch geformter Bürostuhl

Ernst Holzapfel, Head of Marketing at Sedus Stoll AG, describes se:flair as “a masterful fusion of ergonomic comfort and elegant shell chair aesthetics that seamlessly combine comfort and style.

This swivel chair is not only functional, but also impresses with its appealing design.

A fusion of comfort and aesthetics

The basic idea behind se:flair is to combine ergonomic comfort with aesthetic beauty. The elegant knitted membrane and the organic shape of the chair offer an exceptional sitting experience that not only promotes well-being, but also increases productivity. Carefully selected materials and colour accents help to create an inspiring working atmosphere.

Adaptability for different working environments

The modern working world is more diverse than ever, characterised by touch-down workstations, workshop areas, lounge areas and conference rooms. se:flair easily adapts to different work settings and impresses with its compactness, homeliness and a certain charisma. From hybrid work models to traditional offices – this swivel chair is a versatile companion.

Focus on ergonomics

se:flair places particular emphasis on ergonomic adaptability. The high-quality knitted membrane in the backrest area adapts perfectly to the body, supports individual movements and enables a variety of sitting positions. Thanks to its breathability, it prevents unpleasant heat build-up on the back and at pressure points. The “Kinetic Swing” mechanism, the adjustable opening angle and the integrated lumbar support offer maximum comfort.

se:flair im Loungebereich vor Fenster

Sophisticated design down to the last detail

An outstanding feature of se:flair are the armrests, which are cleverly integrated into the backrest frame under the knitted membrane. This gives the chair the appearance of a homely shell chair. The height adjustment lever is positioned to the side under the seat and is easy to operate.

Lovers of monochrome designs have the option of choosing the seat upholstery with a membrane cover identical to the backrest. Those who prefer the two-tone look can customise the backrest and seat upholstery. se:flair is therefore not just a swivel chair, but a design object that integrates seamlessly into modern working environments. Discover a new dimension of sitting with se:flair – comfortable, adaptable and stylish.

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