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se:joy − the versatile all-rounder in seating

New ways of working require increased flexibility, simplicity and ease in office furniture, for the times when workplaces were occupied permanently are long gone.

Modern office nomads move a lot and are often on the road – and when they do come to the office, then it is at meetings, workshops and maybe even briefly at a workplace that happens to be free. This calls for a simple, comfortable and versatile chair. And Sedus se:joy is the answer.

Working at an office can be fun if its furniture looks light and colourful. Sedus se:joy combines good design with clear lines and a surprisingly comfortable sitting experience.

On his latest creation, designer Martin Ballendat states, “It is my conviction to create original and recognisable products that are usefully, economically and universally suitable for as many fields of application as possible.”

Depending on its colour design, the new swivel chair can be a refreshing enhancement to existing office landscapes or may integrate harmoniously into contemporary architectural contexts.

Sedus se:joy convinces with fresh membrane colours prominently elevated by its filigree frames in black or light grey. Its graphic qualities are especially emphasized by semi-transparent membranes in light grey or anthracite.

Designer Martin Ballendat, “I was intrigued by the task of designing a competent and ergonomic net covering of a shell – instead of the conventional thick circumferential frame – with a futuristic support structure reduced to a minimum, which is fine, sensual and intelligent.”

In deed not an easy task that was solved by Sedus engineers with an innovative high-tech plastic frame covered with a breathable, one-piece membrane, which is manufactured of two qualities without visible transition. While the backrest has elastic and flexible properties, the sitting zone is designed consistently supportive. A remarkable feature is that this fabric exclusively developed for Sedus se:joy never wears out.

The technical features include intuitively operable height adjustment with depth springing, an activatable rocking mechanism and a five-foot base on castors. Ergonomically designed armrests for Sedus se:joy are optionally available.

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