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se:lounge light – the new chair with PET felt shell

There is an increasing focus on the impact of our decisions on the environment, and this also applies to the design of our living and working areas. The new shell chair from Sedus is not only a statement in terms of design and comfort, but also focuses on sustainability with its unique PET felt shell.

Sedus se:lounge light in grau

se:lounge light – sustainable comfort for feel-good areas

With its inviting and homely look, the Sedus shell chair immediately creates a pleasant atmosphere. Available in two practical seat heights – lounge and table height – it is versatile and invites you to linger. Optionally available with or without armrest wings, it offers individual comfort for every preference.

The comfortable seat cushion and integrated ergonomics with lumbar support ensure that the armchair not only looks good, but also offers maximum seating comfort. The seat shell made of sustainable PET felt is the highlight of this piece of furniture.

A harmonious working environment makes a decisive contribution to well-being and productivity

This also includes well thought-out furnishings, pleasant fabric and material combinations and the choice of colour accents. The se:lounge light can be modified and integrated into any colour scheme – whether Smart Balance, Soft Being, Urban Living or Multi Creation.

Sustainability at Sedus

Sustainable management and work are not just buzzwords for Sedus, but a lived aspiration. The foundations for tomorrow’s life should be protected today. This means protecting the environment and conserving resources; from the choice of materials to recycling.

Sedus’ sustainable production extends to various products, including the lounge chair se:lounge, se:lounge light, the four-legged chair se:mood and desk se:desk home. An outstanding example of sustainable material is the PET felt used in these products.

PET felt: a sustainable material

The PET felt from Sedus consists of polyester fibres (PES) and recycled BIKO fibres. The proportion of BIKO fibres is currently 37% and is constantly being increased. These fibres can in turn contain up to 60% so-called “bottle flakes”, 100% of which come from European regions.

PET felt is not only 100% recyclable, but also extremely robust. This means that products made from this material are particularly durable. By using PET felt, Sedus is using a sustainable material that not only stands for comfort, but also for environmental awareness.

Sustainability and design combined

The new Sedus shell chair with PET felt (se:lounge light) not only combines modern design and maximum comfort, but also sends out a clear signal for sustainable living and working. A look at the environmental impact of products shows that conscious decisions in the choice of materials can make a contribution to protecting our planet. Sedus proves that sustainable furniture design not only looks good, but can also have a positive impact on the future.

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