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se:matrix – A shelving system changes the office world

The classic office layout with, ‘desk next to desk next to pedestal,’ is a thing of the past – today’s offices are characterised by non-territorial workstations and open spaces. The se:matrix modular shelving system from Sedus creates space for collaboration and dialogue as well as separate areas for personal items.

Sedus se:matrix Regalsystem

As a storage space, zoning and design element, se:matrix supports individual design and multifunctional environments in equal measure. The open shelving can be customised to suit individual needs, creating a pleasant, feel-good atmosphere in the office.

With the two new modules, se:matrix shelving unit light and se:matrix desk, the system has now been expanded to include two products that offer both more lightness and more work space, thus enabling even more efficient space design.

Modular room design without limits

Customised design can be so simple. With its large modules, se:matrix can be configured in a wide variety of designs – depending on how much space is available and how much storage space is required. Different shapes and structures, variable heights and overall lengths – all this is possible with just four standard modules that serve as the basis and can be combined to create different settings using interlinking elements. A functional level, installed as standard on each shelf, also ensures an optimum power supply. This means that laptops and other devices can be easily connected and charged as required.

Sedus se:matrix Regalsystem

se:matrix enables almost limitless applications and customised solutions. At the same time, it gives the room structure and organises work areas. Here are some examples of applications:

Zoning of multi-user workstations: With a coat rack and lockable compartments for bags or personal work utensils, se:matrix ensures that the required infrastructure is available.

Zoning of single workstations: se:matrix enables a balance between focused work (with shielding) and collaboration. Sufficient storage space close to the desk is available for shared or personal documents.

Library: With its corner configuration and open and closed compartments, se:matrix provides both privacy and transparency. This allows new space to be created and organised.

Video lounge: se:matrix provides a clever solution for zoning and designing a collaborative area – with a cosy shelving wall with integrated monitor module.

Individual colour design

Sedus se:matrix Regalsystem

se:matrix offers versatile configuration options – whether as a conventional storage space, innovative room divider or creative work tool. The profiles, PET panels and melamine surfaces can be colour-matched to blend seamlessly into any environment and create a homely atmosphere.

As a harmonious environment makes a decisive contribution to well-being and productivity, well thought-out furnishings, pleasant material and surface combinations and the choice of colour accents are crucial for an optimal overall picture. The four Sedus colour worlds Smart Balance, Urban Living, Soft Being and Multi Creation can be used to design working environments and se:matrix to match.

Find out more about the four colour worlds here. (

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