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se:works − the lounge furniture system that really works

There is no doubt that the use of lounge furniture in the office environment promotes communication. But ergonomically unsuitable sofas, which are found at low prices in shops offering domestic furniture, are used all too often. Lack of comfort when seated and poor functionality mean that such “well intentioned” seating is ultimately not used and, in the worst case, leads to the impairment of health.

The ergonomics experts at Sedus have analysed the current requirements for communicative zones in studies lasting several years and have developed an innovative lounge system which is more than equal to the task. As the name “works” states, this lounge furniture truly works because it is accepted and is also really used for the purpose intended by its inventor.

Sedus se:works combines aesthetic qualities and a feeling of domesticity with ergonomic comfort when seated, which is so cleverly configured that it caters for the very broadest range of user situations. Comfortable and homelike in order to act as a popular meeting place for a relaxed exchange of views, aesthetic and elegant in order to enhance prestigious waiting areas, and sufficiently tightly upholstered to make intensive work with a lap-top possible.

As well as several table variants, a swivelling writing board, which quickly docks into the frame of the sofa, were specifically developed for this purpose. A power supply system enables batteries to be charged without the need for cables even through veneered work surfaces.

It quickly became apparent to the Sedus design team working on the se:works project that simple 3-2-1 solutions were inadequate. The layouts and requirements of professional office designers are as multi-faceted as the potential uses. The outcome can be seen – a sophisticated module system which enables layouts to be configured to the last centimetre. The linear frame components can be ordered in any length and the upholstery and storage areas fall in line. When combined with round components, creative seating landscapes (straight, round, right angles or meandering) can be created.

To achieve perfect comfort when seated, specially contoured back padding provides optimal support for the lumbar region; an elastic membrane composed of cords gives further support under the seat upholstery. No less than 200 breathable fabrics or the finest aniline leather are available as coverings.

And the Sedus se:works leaves no wish unanswered as far as appearance is concerned. The frame is available powder-coated in black, white or silver. Stand-alone sofas can also be supplied with a simple wooden frame in natural oak or beech, or alternatively coloured black or white.

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