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Smart storage space for smart offices

When working methods and models change, flexibility is required. Office solutions and management systems that support these changes make it possible to act as flexibly as is required. This is especially true when companies maintain a hybrid workplace model and employees move between working in the office and working at home. A central hub – such as a smart storage space – can be a useful connection point for everyone.

It is more than just a lockable cabinet – se:hub is a smart locker that, thanks to its comprehensive functions, makes it possible for an easy and digital workflow, embedded in a digital management system.

Where can se:hub be used?

Whether an open-plan office, reception area, seminar room or co-working space – the smart storage space is suitable for a wide variety of environments. Integrated at a centrally accessible point, it can be used independently of time and staff. For example, it can also be used for parcel delivery services: logistics and postal companies can easily and securely deposit shipments for the recipient.

What can se:hub do?

In a constantly changing working world, se:hub is the intelligent step into the phygital office – furniture and management systems are simply linked. In this way, business processes become digitalised and smart for the user. In large buildings, for example, se:hub can act as a central contact point for IT and postal services. It also enables the contactless handover of documents or vehicle papers and keys. And the storage of valuables is also uncomplicated and fast.

sehub smarter Stauraum Sedus Locker


How is se:hub structured…

The intelligent storage space is reminiscent of a locker cabinet – but it has more functions. Since se:hub can be configured modularly, its appearance is individual. The centerpiece is the terminal. It has a QR code scanner, is available in two heights and optionally equipped with a touchscreen for operation. The rest of the structure depends on the number and size of the lockable compartments. The modules are available in various sizes, from small (XS) to large (L).

… and how does it work?

The way se:hub works is very simple: the electronic lockers can be booked from anywhere, using the app. If a colleague is selected as the recipient for a handover, he/she will receive a QR code by email with which he can finally access the booked locker. If you want, you can also add a personalised message.

Vividly illustrated: se:hub and se:connects in our webinar (see video)

Want to find out more about se: hub? Visit the product page here

That’s why…se:hub

  • se:hub is a smart storage space for everyone – with small, medium and large lockers
  • Can be configured individually and modularly
  • Enables secure, contactless handover regardless of working hours
  • Works with a cloud-based data system that promises the best security
  • Individual workflows and interfaces to third-party systems can be integrated


Furniture and app simply combined

se:connects makes it smart: se:hub can also be integrated and operated using the Sedus management app. For example, a workplace or meeting room can be booked quickly on a smartphone, as can a locker in the smart storage space se:hub.

The digital solutions for the future-proof office of tomorrow.


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