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The se:spot chair series: for a more comfortable working environment

The new se:spot chair series combines comfort with the familiar Sedus ergonomics, ideal for a wide range of scenarios. This makes it a pleasing all-rounder for informal teamwork, networking with contacts, and casual meetings.

Even in its simplest incarnation, se:spot supports active, work-focused and comfortable sitting. It increases the range of possible uses for break areas, intermediate zones and hubs, otherwise usually only occupied for brief periods and then deserted for the rest of the day.

se:spot transforms these areas into spaces of retreat that can be used for smaller, spontaneous meetings, even when scarce meeting rooms are fully booked.

Meeting areas in general are becoming increasingly central to good office design. There is a move away from cold, traditional meeting room, favouring instead stylish project rooms with cosy and elegant furniture. If these areas are also to be used for professional work, then the seating provided also needs to promote an active and appropriate working posture.

This is why all se:spot models have an ergonomically shaped, one-piece seat shell with good pressure distribution, seat pan and lumbar support to comfortably support a wide range of sitting positions.

It is quick and easy to cover the seat shell with innovative upholstery. Cleaning or replacing this upholstery is speedy and uncomplicated, while also opening up new design choices. The colour and appearance can be changed again and again, even years later – depending on where the chairs are used.

se:spot is available as a four-legged model with a wood or metal frame. The latter can be stacked and stored to save space. These can also be assembled and dismantled rapidly and even linked together.

Design: Carlo Shayeb (Sedus Design Team)

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