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Sustainability has always been in Sedus’ DNA

Since its foundation in 1871 by Albert Stoll I, Sedus has firmly anchored the principles of ecology, economy and social responsibility in its corporate philosophy. The tree in the company logo symbolises the values of the company: consistency, closeness to nature, humanity and a clear focus on the future.

Historical roots and innovative development

Albert Stoll I founded Sedus with a clear vision and a drive that is second to none. The first stylish chairs made of beech wood found their way into the wider world via the nearby railroad. His son, Albert Stoll II, continued this tradition and introduced revolutionary innovations, including the first ergonomic office chair on castors in Europe, which was patented worldwide. These developments laid the foundation for the continuing tradition of ergonomics and quality at Sedus.

With Christoph Stoll, the second son, the company took on a new dimension. He brought a strong ecological awareness and social responsibility into the company culture: “Ecology and economy are not opposites, but indispensable parts of the whole.”

In 1992, he introduced employee share ownership and, together with his wife Emma, established the Stoll VITA Foundation, which is dedicated to the protection and preservation of nature. These ethical values and humanity still characterise Sedus’ corporate mission today.

Stoll VITA Stiftung

From individual product to complete solution

With the integration of Gesika, Sedus significantly expanded its portfolio and established itself as a provider of comprehensive complete office solutions. This expansion marked a decisive transformation and consolidated the company’s position as a leading manufacturer in the office furniture industry.

The merger with Gesika also added the Karl Bröcker Foundation as a further milestone, through which Sedus provides valuable support at home and abroad, particularly for kindergartens, schools and medical facilities.

Karl Bröcker Stiftung

Sustainability and a view to the future

Sedus continues to set standards in environmental protection and is aiming to become CO2-neutral by 2025. This ambitious goal is supported by intensive investment in renewable resources. The Sedus Green Codex, a comprehensive guideline for sustainability, runs through all areas of the company. The entire development and production process is viewed as part of a well thought-out circular economy and is continuously developed further. This includes the selection of sustainable materials, their processing, packaging, reuse and recycling. Sedus makes this process clear, transparent and comprehensible for its customers.

Attitude and vision

Sedus recognises the changing requirements of modern working environments and develops solutions that promote agile working and create a pleasant working atmosphere. The focus is always on people and the environment. The company restaurants “Oase” in Dogern and “Loft” at the Geseke site are prime examples of this philosophy. Everything is freshly prepared here; a tradition that Emma Stoll began in the 1950s and which continues to this day in the form of healthy wholefoods. The organic vegetable cultivation that she initiated is continued at the “Eulenhof” in Dogern and supplies the company restaurant with fresh produce every day.

Outlook: “We really care”

Sedus remains true to its vision of creating workplaces that inspire people and help them to contribute to a great future. By continuously integrating sustainability and social responsibility into all company processes, Sedus remains a pioneer in the office furniture industry and an example of future-oriented entrepreneurship.

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