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Sustainable products with PET felt

It looks smart, can be individually shaped and is easy to clean – we are talking about PET felt. It is already used in many Sedus products. This is a special material, because in addition to its homely look, it also scores points for sustainability.

As part of the German Sustainability Action Days, which are taking place this year from 18 September to 8 October, Sedus is also focusing on sustainable issues. Because in order to maintain an ecologically intact world, environmental protection and resource conservation are essential – this also includes the choice of materials for sustainable office furniture, processing, packaging and ultimately recycling. That’s why in this article we’re taking a closer look at the PET felt used by Sedus.

se:mood PET-Filz

What is PET felt made of?

The PET felt (or moulded fleece) used consists of polyester fibres (i.e. synthetic fibres made of synthetic resin) and recycled bicomponent fibres, so-called BIKO fibres. The BIKO fibres can contain a proportion of 60% so-called “bottle flakes” – i.e. shredded PET bottles. In the case of PET felt from Sedus, 100% of these come from European regions.

How is the moulded fleece processed?

The bottle flakes are melted at temperatures of around 280°C to be processed directly into polyester fibres. The core of these fibres then consists of recyclate, which is covered with stable polyester components. The resulting mat is called fibre pile. In order to achieve a certain stability here, several of these fibre piles are joined and consolidated in an “oven”.

How is the shape moulded?

Firstly, the shaped fleece mat is roughly cut to the desired size. Then the piece is put into the industrial oven, where it is heated at 200°C for about 20 minutes. Immediately afterwards, it is transported into the press, where a negative mould of the desired end product is placed. Under high pressure, the felt is compressed until it cools, hardens and finally retains its final shape. For further processing and finishing, it then goes into a CNC-controlled water jet cutting machine. Excess felt residues are cleanly removed and a shapely contour is ensured.

Which Sedus products are made of PET felt?

At Sedus, there are complete products made of PET felt and also products that have elements made of the sustainable material. For example, the seat shell of the se:lounge chair or the se:mood four-legged chair is made of PET felt. Furthermore, shelves or seat protection elements on tables can be made of PET felt, such as the se:desk home.

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