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The hot topic of packaging

No matter where and how we shop, we encounter packaged products almost everywhere. In the supermarket, bananas are packed even though they have their own skin to protect them. How often do you look at a multipack of crisps and debate how many more bags the manufacturer could have fitted in? But even when we order online, we often get packages that are not only too big for the contents, but also masses of excess filling material. Unnecessary packaging is such a big problem because it wastes resources that could have been saved and also creates waste that could have been avoided.

Thinking ahead

Packaging is also a serious issue for Sedus. On one hand, as few resources as possible should be used; on the other, the customer should receive the product undamaged and not have to make a complaint about transport damage. Returning or exchanging a product always involves a logistical effort, which in turn has a negative impact both ecologically and economically. That’s why Sedus has thought about the following for the right packaging – “As much as necessary, as little as possible”. The packaging used should protect the product and ensure damage-free transport without being wastefully oversized.

quarterback teilzerlegtIn the Sedus storage unit ranges, for example, film wrapping is omitted for domestic deliveries. What remain are the inverted hood, the base skirt and partial protective measures, all of which are mainly made of cardboard. The quarterback swivel chair follows a further, special packaging and dispatch principle. It is delivered partially assembled and therefore requires only a small packing size. Not only are transport costs reduced, but also CO2 emissions. The recipient can easily assemble the components of the quarterback without tools. When it comes to cardboard packaging, Sedus also takes care to avoid colourful prints – standard cardboard boxes with simple black printing are used.

Sustainable action: then and now

Sedus has also thought up a safe and environmentally friendly packaging concept for products with large dimensions such as the se:cube. As the room-in-room element consists of a large number of different components and materials, the challenge was to accommodate everything in a space-saving and safe manner. Delivering both the small parts and the large-format wooden components and glass surfaces. The following requirements were placed on the appropriate packaging: If possible, it should be made of renewable raw materials, suitable for reuse and recyclable for one-way use.

The se:cubes from Sedus are now delivered on a spruce pallet from sustainable forestry, the a-shaped holding construction is made of chipboard and grey cardboard blanks are used as intermediate layers. The protective elements on the end faces and the wrapping film are made of PE material. No composite materials are used so that the different packaging materials can be easily separated.

Packaging for our chairs

Sustainability and the careful use of resources is nothing new at Sedus. As entrepreneur Christof Stoll once said: “Ecology and economy are not contradictory, but indispensable parts of a whole”. In 1993, he was named “Eco Manager of the Year” for his commitment and far-sightedness with regard to corporate environmental protection. These are values that are still upheld today.

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