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The new Sedus Colour Cookbook – edition #2

In 2019, Sedus published a unique technical book, ‘The Colour Cookbook,’ for colours in the office. This dealt exclusively with colour design for office areas.

The second edition has also been especially developed for architects, interior designers, office consultants and planners and is specifically intended for the professional furnishing of office and work environments.

The two colour designers, Livia Baum and Jutta Werner, owners of the colour and trend agency ZukunftStil , deal in this edition with four focus topics that are currently being discussed in the professional world:

A flexible office …

that has to adapt to many different work situations. The home office as a new connection between office and home, the human office, which focuses on healthy work and people, and the cosy office, in which office and living spaces visually merge.

Sedus office design color cookbook

As popular as these four furnishing themes are today, their mixed forms can be just as “colourful”. The new Sedus upholstery fabric card offers a mix of trends but also timeless colours. This specialist book makes handling this extensive collection even easier.

The right colour for every environment

Sedus color cookbook color worlds book page

A total of 48 new colour recipes show innovative fabrics and structures in a mix with coloured surfaces and woods and allow the four work areas defined in the first volume (relaxation, concentration, communication, collaboration) to appear in a new guise.

The extensively researched colour recipes can be easily and practically combined. They are intended to encourage people to bring more colour into everyday work. Balanced colour directions are included in the colour cookbook as well as carefully compiled collections that optimally support various work situations.

If you would like to order your own copy, please contact the UK team here.

The perfect interplay of office furnishings and colour design creates highly attractive environments for the most valuable asset of every company, the employees.

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