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The new Sedus Smart Office in Dogern

Officially opened at the start of April 2019, the new Smart Office at Sedus’ headquarters in Dogern Germany, is already the settled home of many of the firm’s employees.

The new installation marks a key point in the development of the Sedus We Move project. It means that around one hundred employees now work under one roof and in one room from disciplines as diverse as design and product development, product management, purchasing, sales for both Germany and export markets, facilities management, quality and production management, industrial engineering, marketing, advertising as well as the Executive Board.

The intelligently designed Smart Office is not just an exceptional place of work for Sedus employees, but also a testing ground for workplace innovation and a showcase for the most cutting-edge workplace design principles for both national and international customers.

The new building is a showcase that demonstrates how modern offices can provide a great experience for the people who work in them and foster interdisciplinary teamworking. The integration of the manufacturing functions into the new space allows customers from around the world to see how Sedus provides a complete solution from a focussed location.

Getting goose bumps at the opening ceremony

Sedus employees were already fully aware of the project, and indeed had contributed to its design, so it’s perhaps unsurprising that they were instantly engaged with the new space and happy to see the firm move to the new way of working. This includes 40 employees from a site in nearby Waldshut who are now fully integrated with the rest of the team at the Dogern HQ.

Employees were welcomed to the new location in speeches from the board members responsible for its construction, Holger Jahnke, Daniel Kittner and Carl-Heinz Osten. Head of Marketing, Ernst Holzapfel, who was the main architect for the Smart Office, explained its most important features, which are summarised in the next section below.

The new Sedus Smart Office …

… is based on an open space concept that can adapt and flex as the workforce grows. It uniquely balances openness with privacy, incorporates a choice of both permanent and shared work spaces and is located in a breath-taking landscape.

… offers an intelligent working environment centred on people, in which everybody is empowered to move around freely to find the right space for their need to work in the best way. It facilitates the four key elements of working life; communication, cooperation, concentration and contemplation.

… is designed according to the principles of the Sedus colour concept, which works in the context of the interior design of each space to create a harmonious whole while maintaining the unique identity and functionality of each space.

… makes the best possible use of natural light, supporting it with artificial light only when needed to provide the right levels of light and colour temperature in harmony with the time of day and the seasons. Every work space is perfectly illuminated at all times.

…incorporates a range of acoustic interior features that ensure the openness of the space does not create a sub-optimal acoustic experience for people working in it. These include seven Cubes with a range of equipment to provide space for concentrated work and confidential meetings.

… integrates state-of-the-art technology and media including videoconferencing spaces, smart boards and other tech that enables ideas and information to be shared digitally. The space makes full use of the Sedus se:connects room and workstation booking system.

SedusSmartOffice Dogern

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