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The Sedus se:lab range receives ergonomics seal of approval

What actually defines back-friendly products? The AGR (Campaign for Healthier Backs) has been dealing with this question for many years. The non-profit organisation provides extensive information from the medical community, arranges contacts with specialists and evaluates products that are beneficial for back health. As a partner of Sedus, AGR has been confirming for 20 years that Sedus products have exemplary ergonomic attributes. The se:lab product range has now also received the award .

Complete furniture system for holistic office furnishings

Currently, when furnishing offices, attention turns to concepts and less to individual products. With this holistic way of thinking, it is much better to implement plans with customers that actually work afterwards. This creates liveable working environments that motivate and support employees.

A product system like se:lab has never received an award – a suitable category for it was simply missing. But the diverse options for action that se:lab offers led to the creation of a new product category at AGR – “Concepts.”

The products in the se:lab furniture system invite you to interact with them: they promote as much movement as possible in order to break out of rigid formats. This fits in with new ways of working that thrive on interaction.

Sedus se:lab Produktprogramm zertifiziert

Excellent se:lab

se:lab has now been certified as a product range. It received the seal of approval as a “concept for agile work.” This also includes the options for use in multifunctional rooms, spontaneous work meetings or in the home office. The following products were included in this concept:

  • Sedus seating furniture – se:lab hopperse:lab sofaturn around , turn around high desk , se:fit
  • Tables – se:lab high deskse:lab work & meet deskse:lab benchse:lab fold
  • Workshop elements – se:lab caddyse:lab rackse:lab boardse:notese:lab tableboard

The following were also recognised as individual products: the tables se:lab e-deskse:lab e-desk Ase:lab twin and the fastest motorised table in the world temptation c speed and temptation smart twin speed as well as the swivel chairs se:motion net and se:joy. As a result, these products each receive their own seal of approval.

AGR selab Agiles arbeitenBoth at Sedus and on the AGR website, there are numerous articles and background information which provide information on health issues related to working at a VDU workstation. In particular, the aspect of “a lot of exercise throughout the day” runs like a thread through the publications. The goal: to avoid unnecessary stress, to encourage interaction and thus to achieve new results in the team. Then work can become fun.

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