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These are the interior trends for 2024

Colours, shapes and a feelgood factor: The interior trends for 2024 are about the tried and tested as well as the new.

From peach fuzz to crimson red

Warm colours are particularly on trend this year and these create a cosy atmosphere. Red shades in particular, such as carmine red, are making a comeback and creating tasteful highlights in every living room and study.

Sedus Peach Fuzz

This includes the Pantone color of the year 2024 ‘Peach Fuzz 13-1023’. The friendly peach shade emphasises the importance of community and interpersonal relationships and is therefore an ideal colour for the design of the workplace. Peach Fuzz creates a fresh atmosphere that also symbolises warmth and active togetherness.

Sedus se:lab Dopamin Decor

Geometrically shaped furniture

In furniture design, the current focus is on straight lines and organic shapes. Well-shaped sofas and armchairs are combined with round coffee tables, poufs and angular cabinets. Additional sideboards, shelves and modular furniture create a harmonious ensemble.

Show your colours with Dopamine Decor

Good vibes – this is probably the best way to describe the Dopamine Decor interior trend. Colourful walls, lots of cushions and blankets, striped patterns, textured wall art, round and wavy shapes and playful details as well as decorated shelves are just a few examples of how the trend can be easily implemented.

Sedus Interior Trends 2024

Other trends: sustainability and smart furniture

Other interior trends for 2024 include chrome accents and furniture made from dark woods. Sustainability also continues to play a major role in interior design. Recycled materials and environmentally friendly colours and fabrics are at the forefront.

The combination of design and technology is also becoming increasingly important. One example of this is tables and sofas with an integrated charging function, for example se:living.

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