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Tips and tools for returning to the office

The global lockdown due to the pandemic has become a major challenge for many of us. As a result, more than ever before we realise how important human contact is, especially in the work environment. In the beginning, many employees switched to the home office and worked from home. Many companies are now however, starting to bring their employees back to the office.

Back to the office

This step requires particular care and caution to make sure that the return to work takes place with peace of mind and a sense of safety. Therefore, it is very important to plan and implement essential measures to protect people at work whilst allowing them to be as effective as possible in communicating and collaborating with each other.

Zurück ins Büro, Raumplanung, Sedus BookletThe booklet “Back to the Office” contains important tips and advice on how to organise and design office spaces.

# 1 Immediate action
“Back to the office” is a process that should lead us to a new normality and a new conception of the workplace. On returning to the office, new solutions had to be developed that would make the concept of a decentralised office a reality. This includes the office space, the home office and other places of work. However, the office itself remains the central starting point. It starts with new behaviours and procedures that make it easier for us to adapt to these new circumstances and to be prepared for possible further outbreaks of the pandemic.

# 2 Spatial planning
Up until a few months ago, the main focus of spatial planning was to optimise space requirements. Most importantly, this included increasing and expanding areas of cooperation and shared spaces. One of the main goals was to bring employees together and to share the space. The challenge now is to use the same rooms in such a way that collaboration and exchange can take place whilst security is guaranteed. Existing workflows and routines have to be reconsidered. Office spaces have to be reorganised and adapted in order to maintain the required physical distance between employees.

Zurück ins Büro, Aerosolschutz, Hygiene

# 3 Work environments
Existing facilities and furniture can be modified so that work environments meet the needs of employees and the company. Based on the three principles of “reducing density”, “keeping distance” and “transforming space,” individual components can be reconfigured so that numerous layouts are created in a room and meet the security requirements.

# 4 Furnishing solutions
Facilities can be instrumental in defining space and improving the way people interact with each other and with their surroundings. Choosing suitable product combinations and applications helps make office work safer. This makes it easier for employees to adapt their behaviour and keep safety distances.

The full booklet ” Back to the office” can be downloaded here

In conclusion

The next step – Back to the Office – is both a responsibility and an opportunity. It is a chance to care about people and to redefine the way we work together.

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