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Unforgettable moments with Sedus

Sedus has been developing and producing office furniture and designing workspaces for over 145 years. It is about more than just the answer to a furnishing question. It’s about what motivates people. And it’s about what moves people: the desire to leave traces. Love. And life itself. This includes things that make people happy as well as beautiful and unforgettable moments.

Sedus ensures that great products and solutions for workplaces are designed and created. Workplaces are much more than just a place to do tasks. They are living environments where people come together, exchange ideas and build and maintain relationships. Sedus helps to create an environment where people can develop their potential, express their creativity and be successful.The new video “Love at first sight” shows how the interior design and the furnishing of the workplace create wonderful atmospheres. With spaces where people meet and experience the unforgettable. And with products that inspire.

… To be continued!

se:motion – the swivel chair to fall in love with

Sedus places high demands on its products. They are developed with sensitivity and passion, so that they accompany you through the day comfortably and reliably. The se:motion swivel chair combines ergonomics with lightness and an award-winning design. It is suitable for agile work and changing workplaces in modern offices and co-working spaces , as well as for the home office. Se:motion is a partner who supports you in developing talents, arousing emotions and creating experiences to fall in love with.

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