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Why Sedus? Univerre Case Study

Univerre’s new headquarters in Sierre, Switzerland, is both a workplace for employees and a place of inspiration for customers. The 1500 square metre building, named “Hive,” has been equipped to create various work areas with state-of-the-art furnishings, thus expressing the core idea of a productive workplace.

Furnished with Sedus

The  professional glass cleaning and glass packaging company opted for an interior design to inspire with its open design, plenty of natural light and natural elements. A lot of wood was used and the integration of plants was vital. There are open areas as well as conference rooms, room-in-room solutions, places to retreat and a fitness room. A needs-oriented feel-good space has been created for the 40+ employees.

The selection of furniture type underlines the agile and dynamic spirit of the company. For example, the se:lab workshop program and se:assist tables and high desks were used. The se:joy swivel chair and the four-legged chair se:spot support meeting and exchange situations, while se:cube  office pods provide privacy when needed.

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