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Work a sutra – tips for working from home part 2

Work-a- sutra is the study of postures at work. An awareness and understanding of the different postures at work can help us to be more active and contribute to enhanced well- being. Within this booklet are some tips to help you to be more effective in the home office, to take care of yourself and to keep healthy at work.

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#04 Smart devices allow smart postures

Smartphones and tablets do not require a desk to work with. However using these devices in an incorrect posture for a long period can be harmful. A tablet should be used as a laptop, by adding a keyboard to it. When tablets are used for reading they can be used like books. In this case, there is no need to stay sitting at your desk. Choose a re-laxed place at home, even the sofa. A slouching posture is acceptable, as long as it doesn‘t become a permanent posture. Make sure to have sufficient back support. A pillow can be used under the knees to maintain the S-curve of the back.

#05 Active sitting to keep the body in motion

Ergonomie-Tipps_aktives sitzen

Research confirms that a sedentary life can lead todisease and cause irreversible harm to your health. The metabolism is strongly related to our physical movement. We can learn from children. They rarely manage to sit still. This is of upmost importance for their development. As adults, we tend to get lazy. More movement results in more blood circulation, increased brain activity, more effectiveness at work and more vitality. Cells die earlier without movement. Experts say: “either use it or lose it”.

#06 Standing to change posture

Several working activities can be performed whilst standing or even walking. Stand up while taking a phone call, reading a message on a smartphone or even whilst making a Skype or video call. This keeps you active and increases blood circulation and brain activity.

#07 Relaxed feeling with a living posture

Temporary work tasks and break times can take place in the kitchen or dining room and provide time for distraction and to detach from   a fixed work desk. However, the time spent sitting should be limited. Some four-legged chairs are made of an ergonomic seat shell and give superior support for a good posture even when working for short times at the dining table.

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