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Four Decades of Innovation and Growth: Sedus UK & Ireland Marks Milestone 40th Anniversary in February 

In the busy world of office furniture, where competition is fierce and innovation is the key to success, Sedus UK stands out as an outstanding player for 40 years with a unique story to tell. In an exclusive interview with Ben Wheeler, Managing Director of Sedus UK and Ireland, we gain insight into the challenges, milestones and vibrant spirit that sets Sedus apart in the ever-evolving market. Congratulations on 40 years of Sedus UK. 


Ben Wheeler Sedus UK

Who are you? Say a few words about yourself.

Hi, I’m Ben Wheeler, Managing Director of Sedus UK and Ireland. 


How long have you been with Sedus UK?

I have worked for Sedus for over 10 years. I joined the company to build the Global Accounts team and have been MD in the UK since early 2020. 


Sedus London Showroom Fenster

What challenges does Sedus face?

Arguably, we’re in the most competitive single European market for office interiors, with over 200 similar companies based within 1 sq km of our London showroom. Our challenge is to authentically communicate our unique sustainable and charitable story to potential customers. 


How has Sedus UK developed over the last 40 years and what milestones have been achieved?

We have moved from being recognised as a purely ergonomic seating specialist to being a provider with a portfolio covering all office furniture solutions. How we work now is a huge leap from where we first started. 


Sedus Showroom London Detox Office 


Are there any employees who have been with the company since the early years and what contributions have they made?

Julie McAloon, Sales Manager for Scotland and Ireland, joined Sedus just shy of 20 years ago. She still supports some clients that she introduced to Sedus when she first joined – which is a testament to her professionalism and enthusiasm for the company. 


What is your favourite Sedus product?

se:cube of course! It’s an incredibly well engineered item of furniture. The acoustics within se:cube are truly market-leading, plus it has so many other benefits for the employer and employee, including extremely competitive pricing. It’s a very easy decision for customers to buy it. 


Sedus Showroom London Detox Office

Do you have a nice story that you associate with Sedus UK?

I moved from a European role to lead the UK a few weeks prior to the start of lockdown in 2020. I was really impressed with the speed and creativity of the UK team which allowed us to very quickly launch a comprehensive home working programme that could support all our UK customers by supplying furniture to their employees by post. The team have continued in this spirit ever since. 


In summary, Sedus UK, under the leadership of Ben Wheeler, is not only a full-service provider of office furniture, but also a dynamic and innovative force that is mastering the complexities of the market. The company’s development, its commitment to sustainability and its resilience in the face of challenges paint a compelling picture of our brand, which will help shape the future of office furniture. 

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