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Office Reception Ideas to Make a Lasting First Impression

No matter what kind of business you’re in, the reception area can speak volumes. It’s the window into your brand and what your company is all about. To make a lasting impression on visitors, clients, and anyone who walks through your doors, focus on the reception area. If you’re not sure where to start, these office reception ideas may just give you some inspiration.

Use colour to communicate

Colour theory is nothing new to the business world. Colour has been studied extensively as a tool for effective communication and marketing. Your brand colours are a great place to start. But you may also want to consider incorporating other colours that help set the tone for your business.

For example, how many doctor’s offices have you been to that paint the walls orange? This vibrant, bright hue, while it may seem “fun,” would probably send the wrong message in that setting. A patient waiting in their doctor’s office reception could likely be experiencing stress about their visit. A more appropriate choice for a doctor’s office reception area would be a muted shade of blue. Blue has been shown to positively affect mood, which would help ease any anxiety a patient is experiencing.1

We should note that colour theory should be taken with a grain of salt. It’s all about perception and how colour is strategically used along with your company’s branding and intentional design. That being said, here are some connotations associated with color that can help inspire your office reception design ideas:2

  • Red. Strength, energy.
  • Orange. Power, energy.
  • Yellow. Optimism, collaboration.
  • Blue. Tranquility, peace.
  • Green. Creativity, progress.
  • Brown. Reliability, common sense.
  • Purple. Luxury, idealism.
  • Pink. Friendliness, femininity.
  • Black. Void, foresight.
  • White. Openness, integrity.

Your office reception theme and style

Your business likely has a style that goes beyond a simple colour palette. You may even have a few words that come to mind. Colours and words probably played a role in developing your brand. They influenced how you chose a name, logo, vision, and values. These are words that should extend beyond branding into the design choices of your physical office space.

Picture a high-end tech company that says its corporate style and brand is “innovative and sleek.” When you walk into their reception area, what kind of first impressions would you expect? Would you expect to see folding chairs sitting in rows facing the reception desk with an accent wall painted brown? Would you expect to see old paintings of garden scenes in ornate, filigree gold frames? Both of these are odd, unlikely design choices. They simply would give customers and visitors the wrong impression.

How you decorate a reception area is direct branding that sends a message to anyone who walks through your doors. It lets them know what they should expect to feel when interacting with your company. The same theme should be reflected throughout the business, whether through office furniture, colour trends, or any style choices.

Communicating with design

What would be a better choice for that tech company? Picture a reception desk with clean lines, modern materials, the latest high-end desktop computer, and no papers or clutter. This is a company committed to sleek design and no unnecessary distractions. The company name is either displayed prominently above and behind the reception desk or on the exterior-facing front surface.

The reception area furniture is modern, using ergonomic principles in its design. It’s not over-crowded or crammed with furniture and decorative knick-knacks. A lively, well-cared-for plant or two helps bring warmth that may otherwise be missing. The reception desk might be the first thing that a visitor sees. The receptionist can easily direct them to a sitting area. The wait is brief, and the visitor is comfortable and checks emails until they’re seen by a representative.

Fewer, high-quality, modern furniture pieces in the reception area communicate that the company prioritizes the needs of clients, even if it costs a bit more. Efficiency may be in the tech company’s ethos, but innovation, style, and attention to detail might also be emphasized.

Imagine a reception area with large, bay windows and glass doors leading to the interior of the office. Visitors see the vibrant culture of the company. A design feature like this perhaps could indicate that the company is committed to transparency. It could also make visitors feel that by entering the doors, they become a part of the company’s story.

This is just one example of how an office reception design can be representative of a company’s vision and brand. It’s up to you to employ a similar creative thought process to communicate your own message.

Tips for brainstorming office reception ideas

Don’t dive right into purchasing new furniture or painting walls just yet. First, you should sit down with other members of your company and have a brainstorming session. Ask them about reception areas they’ve seen and liked at other companies. In each decision, whether it’s colour, materials, style, or layout, consider how the choice relates to or communicates the following:

  1. The services your company provides.
  2. The brand you’ve already established.
  3. The message you want to send about your company.
  4. How you want visitors to feel when they enter the room.

Let your reception area tell the right story

When choosing between all the different office reception ideas, consider the modern and stylish options available at Sedus. Whether you’re looking for office reception desks, state-of-the-art chair designs, or modular furniture, Sedus has everything you need. Contact a representative at Sedus today to find out how you can re-vamp your office reception area with quality design.

1 Effects of Indoor Color on Mood and Cognitive Performance

2 The Ultimate Guide to Office Color Psychology

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