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Lease furniture. It’s on trend and environmentally friendly!

Cars, garden tools or motorhomes – the rental of commodities has long been established. People appreciate an inexpensive and space-saving alternative to buying as well as the possibility to own an item for a limited time.

Does this also apply to chairs, tables and cupboards? The question is, would you lease your furniture?

Sedus se:motion office swivel chair

Borrowing is attractive

In a recent study, the German online shop Connox asked for and compiled forecasts and trends around this topic. Approximately 1500 people were surveyed. And the result? Nearly everyone agreed they would like to lease furniture at some point in the future. This was particularly interesting for those who frequently move location.

Not only is it fun to regularly redesign your surroundings, those surveyed agreed the option of testing out furniture first before committing to buying was advantageous.
The study also showed that it wasn’t only new furniture that could be leased. Used goods that have been properly maintained would also be considered.

Sedus se:spot work and lifestyle chair
se:spot, temptation four

Sustainable to the last detail

When it comes to sustainability, leasing instead of buying has a big advantage: existing resources are used more intensively and repeatedly, whilst others are spared. This is an issue close to Sedus’ heart. Over 50 years ago, senior director Christof Stoll knew that economy and ecology should go hand in hand. That’s why environmental protection and a commitment to people and nature are always a top priority at Sedus.

Sedus se:flex swivel chair

This is true down to the very last detail. For example, in production, metal parts and textiles are optimised and cut to size with little waste. Powder coating and bonding of upholstery are solvent-free. Packaging is based on the principle “as much as necessary, as little as possible”.

Sedus furniture is stable and durable – “Made in Germany.”

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