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New products from Sedus in May 2023 – New Arrivals

The month of May proudly presents: The New Arrivals Spring/Summer 2023 from Sedus! Under the motto “The Detox Office – a mindful ecosystem for the workplace”, the new products and additions from Sedus will join the product portfolio.

One question in particular comes to mind: How can we create a harmonious working environment? The answers to this question are complex, yet they have one thing in common: We need an environment that promotes health and well-being and offers a counterbalance to digital work. In our fast-paced times, characterised by constant use of laptops, mobile phones, wearables and other digital tools, it can unfortunately lead to “digital exhaustion”. That is why it is so important to find the right balance.

New Arrivals Spring/Summer – these are the new products

The Detox Office approach is closely related to the biophilic design of the working environment. Organic design, natural and stimulating colours as well as a harmonious layout create an office environment that generates moments of well-being. Detached from technical tools, employees should be able to find a counterbalance to their digital work.

The new products from Sedus embrace all of this:

  • se:dot is the universal stool that fits in everywhere. With its comfortable seat and cosy appearance, it suits lounge areas as well as in retreat spaces.
  • Lightness meets colour: The hybrid swivel chair se:air now comes in three new membrane colours and thus stands for comfortable working with automatic weight adjustment in a colourful look.
  • The se:lab product family also receives new additions: The new elements se:lab pin & write, se:lab mobile planter, se:lab fabric wall and se:lab monitor wall provide even more flexibility and homeliness for different working environments. In addition, more zoning options are also being introduced.
  • For the se:matrix open shelf, there are new features that embrace multifunctionality and expand the product layout. The high desk provides practical work space, the se:matrix planter allows effortless creation of green areas in theworkplace.
  • With se:tea, a new side table has also been added to the table portfolio. With its sleek appearance, compact dimensions and design in black, it fits easily into various work settings.

Whether it’s an informal exchange, spontaneous encounter, concentrated work or a retreat for a moment of relaxation – there is a perfect area for every occasion. At the same time, the diverse working areas blend into one another and enable an ecosystem that is defined by individual and shared, digital as well as analogue work in equal measure.

Digital fatigue  – The topic of Sedus INSIGHTS N°17

The new issue of Sedus INSIGHTS addresses the challenges and transformation to digital workplaces. Although digitalisation and modern technology come with a lot of advantages, they also have their downsides. The so-called “digital exhaustion” is becoming increasingly apparent. All the electronic and technical tools that accompany us every day help us in our daily lives and can keep us entertained. However, they also take up a lot of our time and attention. This is particularly noticeable in the workplace: We are communicating on more and more platforms and channels and are required to be ever more multitasking. This makes it all the more important to provide variety and balance by taking breaks and creating a pleasant working environment.

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