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Onwards and upwards: Sedus on course for sustained growth

With sales of approximately €259.1 million, Sedus Stoll AG recorded year on year growth of 8.8% in 2023. This was well above the overall level of growth in its sector, which was up 0.6% compared to the previous year. At around €247.3 million, incoming orders for the year 2023 are also at a record level and are driving momentum for the business in 2024.

“Sedus Stoll AG grew profitably last year,” explains Daniel Kittner, Spokesman of the Board of Sedus Stoll AG. “Our innovative and on-trend approach to product development means we are uniquely placed to meet changing customer demands for new ways of working. This is reflected in Sedus Stoll Group’s sales growth in 2023. Together with our network of dealers, we increasingly observe corporate cultures becoming more agile and adaptable in implementing change and major projects. We are responding to this. Our new products for 2024 not only reflect current workplace trends. They actively shape them.”

The introduction of the new Futura 2 manufacturing facility at the firm’s Geseke site in September 2023 has boosted its ability to meet peak workloads more quickly. The new automated panel cutting facility has reduced lead times and significantly accelerated a range of production processes. This means that the business is better placed to align its manufacturing capacity with the record sales growth of the past two years.

FACTS & FIGURES Sedus 2023 and 2024

Work and the City: fresh thinking for 2024

The most significant launches of the year so far have been themed around the idea of “Work and the City – the temptation Office”. A number of furniture solutions address the most current thinking on work in urban settings. To create a domestic feel in the office, there’s se:living. Created exclusively for Sedus by the world-renowned designer Robin Rizzini, the sofa offers a harmonious blend of domestic comfort and professional functionality.

Other new products include the new hybrid swivel chair se:flair, the sustainable lounge chair se:lounge light and se:lab flip, a table that makes networking in the office effortless.
“In response to the growing desire for a better balance between work and private life, it is becoming increasingly important to design working environments that foster both productivity and wellbeing, and also help people to relax and take time out,” says Kittner. “Trends such as the increased digitalisation of work, more flexible working cultures and people being offered greater autonomy to plan their work are driving these changes. Sedus is addressing these developments with its New Arrivals 2023/2024.”


new highlight product Sedus se:living 2024


A clear goal: climate neutral by 2025

Sustainability is in the Sedus DNA. As early as 1993, Christof Stoll had declared that “ecology and economy are not opposites, but inseparable parts of the whole”. The grandson of Albert Stoll also understood that entrepreneurship entails social responsibility, and that ecology and economics should go hand in hand. As a pioneer of a sustainable approach to business, he was honoured by the WWF in 1993. Now over thirty years later, Sedus maintains its ambitious sustainability goals. It is committed to climate neutrality by 2025.

The Sedus administration and production facilities (Scope 1 & 2) in Dogern and Geseke will be climate neutral by 2025. “On our path to climate neutrality, we want to reduce our direct emissions by 30% by the end of 2025 and then a further 20% by 2030,” explains Kittner. “In addition, we have identified further milestones for Sedus by 2025: Sedus will reduce emissions from its fleet by 20%, and by rethinking our energy needs, the use of primary energy will be reduced by around 60%. We plan to optimise packaging by around 15% and around 80% of the wood we use for our furniture production will be sourced from sustainable forestry by 2025.”

You don’t just need to take the word of Sedus for it. These ambitions are endorsed by external bodies, with Sedus receiving a Gold sustainability accreditation from EcoVadis. This rating means that Sedus is one of the 5% of companies worldwide that have been recognised for their social, ethical and ecological policies in pursuit of meaningful corporate social responsibility.

Another certification is “SA8000” for social responsibility in the workplace. “We are proud that Sedus is one of only 14 companies in Germany to be certified with SA8000,” says Kittner. “With SA8000, we guarantee that a socially responsible management system is properly implemented, monitored and applied both at Sedus itself and throughout our supply chain.”

High-bay warehouse Sedus in Dogern


Looking ahead: A second wave of launches for Orgatec 2024

Sedus has also confirmed that there will be two major product launch phases in 2024. The focus will continue to be on workplace megatrends related to new ways of working, digitalisation, and sustainability. “By focussing on two launch phases this year, we are offering our customers and partners better ways to plan,” explains Kittner. “The second launch phase will use Orgatec as a platform to present the working landscape as a dynamic ecosystem. This is an increasingly relevant and talked-about idea in our fast-changing world. With a stand of over 1,050 square metres, we will create an environment that allows people to experience innovation, not just observe it. We are looking forward to piquing people’s interest and opening a dialogue about the future of work in an inspiring and professional way.”


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